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Comment Re:Should Have be Charged With Treason (Score 2) 442

Public Law 107-40 does not mention al Qaida or identify any specific enemy. It is useless for the purpose of trying to prove treason.

Treason requires not mere revelation of information or provision of aid, but an actual intentional betrayal of loyalty. Snowden did not engage in this.

You may want to study the following.

From which the salient point is:

"In treason cases, however, the prosecution must prove that the accused had a specific intent to levy war or aid enemies."

Comment Re:Should Have be Charged With Treason (Score 1) 442

Huh? He certainly didn't levy war. As far as adhering to enemies, please identify which enemies he adhered to.

There is NO case for treason here.

No treason is extremely narrowly defined. Even the Rosenbergs, who found guilty of giving the Russkies A Bomb secrets were not charged with treason.

The last American citizen to be convicted of treason was found guilty of torturing American POWs in Japan during WWII.

Comment Re:Spy or whistle-blower? (Score 2) 442

> Does 'spy' mean 'embarrassing to the government'?

That's one of the traditional meanings.


1. Steals secrets from one government to give to another for military or economic advantage.
2. Steals and reveals embarrassing secrets.

Ellsburg though got off because he was illegally wiretapped. I don't know if that's possible any more.

Comment Claim 1 (Score 4, Interesting) 124

This is the actual material being contested:

1. A method of communicating between computers, comprising the steps of:
creating a message at a first computer, said message including a reference to a predetermined location;
transmitting, by the first computer, said message to a second location; and
receiving said message by a computer at the second location;
decoding said message by the computer at the second location by retrieving data from the predetermined location, automatically by a single application, without requiring user interaction, into the computer at the second location.

So actually this looks like a dandy malware vector. Send an email with a link; the receiver then downloads the content from the link without human intervention.

I'd be upset if my email client was doing this.

Comment Re:Ruin the US wheat crop, get a prize! (Score 1) 271

You are engaging in sophistry. It is not possible to examine every wheat plant in the US so we have to use inductive logic to come to a conclusions as to the extent of the contamination.

The conclusion that the USDA came to was that there is contamination in one location. Which they told us about.

Untold has two main meanings:

1. Not told or related.
2. Incalculable or vast.

The situation here fits neither of these definitions.

Comment Re:The system worked (Score 1) 470

Actually from reading the article it was the KKK that called the FBI. Talk about strange bedfellows.

""Crawford has specifically identified Muslims and several other individuals/groups as targets," investigator Geoffrey Kent said in a court affidavit. According to the indictment, Crawford also traveled to North Carolina in October to solicit money for the weapon from a ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan, who informed the FBI. Crawford claimed to be a member."

The FBI led the pair along for a while by supplying parts and money to build the device.

Comment Re:Just like the Nobel (Score 2, Informative) 271

The Green Revolution saved billions from famine and disease. As scientific understanding of the process and technology improve leading to improved sustainability. Current systems are very wasteful; some 30-40% of all food ends up not being consumed. RIGHT NOW we produce enough for estimated stable long term population levels of the planet.

In the meantime birth rates in human populations are declining due to the overall economic improvements. Some areas are even experiencing sub replacement birth rates.

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