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Comment Re:It's too slow. (Score 1) 254

One thing has to be said for C#, as much as I am a subscriber to the "If C is Play-Doh, and C++ is Lego - C# is Duplo" philosophy, it does allow to get results fast without having to use a ton of libraries that in the end weigh you down more than C# would.

So in other words, C# gets results fast without having to weigh you down more than itself would?

Comment Re:What's wrong with html and javascript? (Score 1) 466

Wow, so it's trying to use [2] as an array index inside @$spi . . .

Is it converting [2] into "REF(ARRAY)" or somesuch, and then converting that to an integer and using that as the index?

My Perl interpreter (5.12) chokes on that code...

$ perl -e 'my $s = [5,6]; my $i = [2]; $s->[$i] = 7'
Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -1283427544 at -e line 1.

...but it gives an interesting hit with the negative giant subscript index.

What version of Perl are you using that chews up 30 seconds of CPU time?

Comment Re:What's wrong with html and javascript? (Score 1) 466

Pop quiz. What do you think perl does with "5" + "information". The answer may surprise you. Here's a hint, it actually casts "information" to a number because the first three letters match a defined numerical value.

I did not know that. And I think I just threw up a little in my mouth now.

Comment Re:What's wrong with html and javascript? (Score 1) 466

a==b, b==c, would never presume a==c. It's never true in real-world business, so I'd never want it to be true in business programming.

It's a tautology in mathematics (known as the transitive property of equality) and it should be a tautology in any programming language. If a language gets this wrong, that's a major flaw in the language's design. (Which is not to say that the language isn't still useful. It's just confusing as hell is all.)

Comment Re:How is this "News for Nerds"? (Score 1) 932

I suspect there is more interest in this than in you whining about how you don't care.
We don't care that you don't care.

I didn't whine about how I didn't care, nor did I ever say that I didn't care.

I asked how it was "news for nerds." Because unless I'm missing something, it isn't.


Yeah. Thanks for that intelligent commentary.

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