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Comment Re:Either way. (Score 5, Informative) 203

You know, if you were just joking, then you should have just let it go. Now you look like you're grasping at straws to justify what you said, since any (reasonably-educated) native English speaker will be familiar with the definition of 'fraction' that he was using.

Sarten-X is 100% correct — and his original post was hilarious in my opinion. Fractions do not need to be less than 1 (or greater than -1, for that matter). Common English definitions are irrelevant here; this is a mathematical definition.

Comment Re:slownewsday (Score 1) 63

Is anyone as tired as I am over these security risks, especially from CNET? I remember when it was announced that someone could spy thru your window, video tape the lights on your modem and decode your communication.

Videotape?!? That would not even work for 100 baud modems. An NTSC videotape will give you 60 fields per second; a PAL videotape will give you 50 fps.

Comment Re:Cores matter depending on the software (Score 1) 526

Software that's single-threaded, no it doesn't benefit from more cores.

Well that's not entirely true. If you're running several single-threaded programs simultaneously, your computer will still run faster with multiple cores than it would with a single core (at the same clock speed, obviously). But if a single-threaded program is the only thing running on the system, then it won't see benefits from multiple cores.

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