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Comment Misleading Summary (Score 2) 348

As reported:
Samsung Galaxy S3 — 18.0 million units
Apple iPhone 4S — 16.2 million units
Apple iPhone 5 — 6.0 million units

Now let's look at it in an actually meaningful way:
Apple iPhone 4S & 5 — 22.2 million units
Samsung Galaxy S3 — 18.0 million units


Comment Re:There is no boundary (Score 1) 529

But this does not mean that "mathematics" itself was discovered. It was not. It was invented.

Strenuously Disagree with you on that.

Mathematics was (and is still being) very much discovered — not invented.

Mathematics was here long before ever were, and it will be here long after we're gone, and long after the Universe cools down to nothingness. Mathematics just is.

Any intelligent species will eventually discover things in mathematics, as we have. And of course we've only begun to scratch the minutest surface of Mathematics.

Study your history and you can trace its invention and gradual refinement over the course of history.

History records not the invention of mathematics, my friend, but its discovery. Many small discoveries in combination. Mathematics truths exist independently from their discoverer.

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