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Submission + - InMotion Hosting Hacked, 700,000 Sites Affected (threatpost.com)

Trailrunner7 writes: InMotion, a large hosting provider based in California, was compromised in recent days and the attackers were able to replace the index files of thousands of sites, defacing them and in some cases making it difficult for site owners to recover and reload their sites.

The attack occurred on Sunday and the company posted a notice on its site about the incident, but many users posting on the company's forums complained that they were never notified about the attack by InMotion. Some of them said that they only learned that their sites had been defaced when a customer or other third party informed them about it.

Some of the customers posting on the InMotion support forum said that when they connected to their sites while they were displaying the defaced page, they were getting alerts from their antimalware programs about a JavaScript-based piece of malware.


Submission + - N.Y. authorities charge 7 in SAT cheating scandal (usatoday.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Located in an affluent neighborhood, "The school is rated as one of the nation's top academic high schools. Alumni include David Baltimore, a Nobel Prize-winning biologist; filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola; and Olympic figure skating champion Sarah Hughes."

Comment Re:Overhyped (Score 2) 170

I heard an interview in the town square last month about this and the gentleman was gushing about how in a few years we won't carry bushels of supplies to barter in our oxcarts anymore. Which seems to miss the point that we carry other supplies in oxcarts. My pitchfork, shovel, rake are all still in there, plus some gold shillings for places which don't barter.

Meanwhile, why would I use Paper Money? Most stores don't support it and, in my area, they probably won't for several years. And if I'm out and about I'm going to have both my oxcart and gold shillings on me. I don't see th benefit of paying for something with paper money.


Submission + - CRTC tells Rogers to stop throttling online gamers (calgaryherald.com)

Meshach writes: Recently Canada's telecommunications regulator revealed that net neutrality was failing and that throttling was taking place. Apparently several months later things have not improved and Canada's telecommunications regulator on Friday gave Rogers Communications Inc., mere days to stop throttling online games.

Submission + - GLBasic supports iPad joysticks (glbasic.com)

GLBasic writes: "The lack of proper controls for iPad and iPhone games had been a pain for many gamers since the huge impact of the iOS based devices. But clever geek solutions exist that bring the joy of old school buttons and joysticks to the new gaming era.
Starting with the iCade and followed by the more compact iControlPad now the giant Atari released a bluetooth gadget that connects to your iPad or iPhone as a keyboard, offering great physical controls for great games.

With the update version 10.113, the developers of GLBasic offer a built-in support for these devices. Programming is very easy, because from the programmers point of view the iCade was implemented as if there was a 2nd joystick attached to a PC.

GLBasic is a free programming language that supports a huge variety of target platforms. The "premium" SDK purchase offers support for many mobile devices, 3D graphics and networking action."


Submission + - Pledge asks Chinese hackers to reject cybertheft (techworld.com.au) 1

angry tapir writes: "Two prominent Chinese hackers have released a convention calling for the rejection of cybertheft and are asking their peers to support it, as China is increasingly seen as the source of international hacking attacks. The two hackers, Gong Wei and Wan Tao, released their "Hackers' Self-Discipline Convention" to the Chinese media and posted its contents on the Internet. The hackers declined to offer further comment, but the document presents itself as a moral code that outlines appropriate hacking activities. The document states that hackers will not obtain money through stealing from the public. Hacking groups will also not spread knowledge or tools that are meant to take income. "The public's privacy, especially that of children and minors, will be protected," the document says. Any activity to buy or sell people's private information is considered inappropriate."

Submission + - Australia to get "License to Publish"? (news.com.au)

An anonymous reader writes: Tell me it will never happen — that even this government would never dream of requiring newspapers to have a government license

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