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Comment HA! (Score 5, Insightful) 176

Bite me, AT&T. Auto repair is competitive.

  * Cell phones in the US have a small pool of providers, especially the nation-wide crowd.
  * They primarily operate with 2 year contracts, and it's hard to get a phone without one.
  * There's a financial disincentive for buying a phone without a contract.
  * Text message rates (for which there is very little data usage, being measured in bytes) have been increasing.
  * Data plans have been increasing in price and providing tighter bandwidth restrictions at the same time.

I loathe AT&T, and I'm stuck with them. Competitive? I'd get out in a heartbeat if I felt I had somewhere to go. T-Mobile has been the closest saving grace to AT&T, so I really don't want to see that absorbed.

Thanks to the Fed did -- they did one right there.

Comment Use of PGP (Score 1) 402

  • Private PGP key printed out as a QR code and placed in a safety deposit box. Why? Because it's a durable medium and the electronics can't go bad. You can put it on a USB key too for convenience.
  • Publish your list encrypted with the public keypair of that somewhere your relatives know and can get to.
  • Bank will keep them from snooping by only letting them access your box with a death cert.

Comment Re:What about languages? (Score 1) 289

With what libraries and languages what you worked in C? Won't those change? If you're a games person, are you up on DX9? DX10? 11? Database backends? SQL? NOSQL? Have your version control skills expanded to match existing systems? Still using CVS? SVN? Git? "The Cloud" ... have any of your applications been designed with that kind of focus in mind of starting and stopping at any point and being part of a model with dynamically changing resource allocations?

Evolving skills are a demonstration of the ability to continue tackling new problems. I personally don't care less what knowledge you're exhibiting as long as I see things that are on the leading edge still showing up on your resume.

Comment Uh... (Score 0) 59

What the hell could EBay have possibly stolen from Craigslist? The site only charges for job postings in a few cities, and that's an easy and publicly declared business model. The webpages are statically generated on a periodic basis, and that's as dumb-down simple as it gets. Unless Ebay walked off with Craiglist's super-secret-neverf-get-spam-through implementation (which I don't think they have), I don't get it.

Craigslist is nothing special, just simplicity done right.

Comment Alternatives (Score 3, Informative) 152

There has been a lot of push at the recent DEFCON conferences, and associated conversation since, to look at alternatives to the current CA system. Moxie Marlinspike has been pushing a remote-view notary system called which is currently a Firefox plug, and Dan Kaminsky has been pushing for DNSSEC.

There has been an awful lot of discussion about the technical details of SSL certificates on the Security StackExchange (Stack Overflow cousin) website, including the related blog post I penned: A Risk-Based Look at Fixing the Certificate Authority Problem.

Comment Re:PROFILED (Score 2) 582

Hell, I miss the days when the pilots would sometimes just leave the door open, and I'm a pretty young guy. It weirds me out whenever I get on a bus service that has the driver behind a plexiglass cage. I won't say the cockpit door isn't a reasonable security measure, but the bus thing is asinine.

I don't think box cutters were ever a credible threat. The thing we had all learned is that unless John McClane is involved, you'll be a few days late getting home and see another country should your plane get hijacked. Hijackers weren't resisted because nobody feared they were going to die -- why risk injury? Aware that the goal of the hijacking is death, there will always be enough motivated passengers on a plane to fight back with anything they have. You can hit pretty hard with a metal Macbook.

Before the September 2001 attack, you could have hijacked an airplane with a herring. While some hijackings still happen in modern day (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_aircraft_hijackings), it's more common for passengers to overpower hijacking attempts.

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