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Comment It's what you need at a Temp Agency for testing! (Score 2) 337

If you go to a temp agency these days, you'll learn exactly how poorly trained many people still are in computer skills. When I took the test on Excel, Beginner level was "Launch Excel, create a new document, save it, close Excel." Because I knew how to do a =SUM formula, I was automatically considered expert. I'd never used Access in my life, but because I knew how to alt+tab out of the test & use the help file in the actual program on the testing machine, I was told that I "already surpassed the skills being tested." As someone who has been in the IT workforce 20 years already, the Intro to Computing course isn't targeted at you. At all. It's meant for the idiots just out of high school who can barely spell or have paid their smart friends to do their word processing for them. Also, "intro" classes of any kind are not the classes that are designed to teach you to think. They're the ones designed to brute force feed you a truckload of information that you build on in the 200 level class next semester - and with computing classes, it's intended to teach you what programs you'll have freely available on campus in the labs or be required to use in classrooms.

Comment Total gibberish locally... (Score 1) 451

Our local radio station group (and local Comcast cable TV as well) in parts of Colorado had the test run transmitted to us in almost complete gibberish. It sounded like someone had an open mic and it was recursive on itself, echoing and repeating in delay to the point of being unintelligible. Not surprised actually - most stations in my experience screw up the local/regional EAS test and have to redo it each month. Why should the national one be any different?

Comment Stalking & Bullying: As long as people exist. (Score 1) 624

Making a law to tell people what they can and can't say online will not solve the problem. They'll just go back to doing it in person. Writing letters, calling, stabbing, murdering, pushing people around. As long as different people continue to be born and exist, this is *not* a solvable problem. You can only mitigate it - and you don't do that by infringing the rights of everyone else. And if we're going to go by this route, the government (at least for now and on paper) is still of, by, and for the people. Thusly, I grant myself the right to free speech and do the same for my fellow citizens and government members...and heartily say "FUCK you, NY Senators." And have a nice day.

Comment Are you serious? (Score 1) 404

"on using a remote server to push OS code to systems at boot time," 1) Not everyone is always connected to the internet. A good number of machines are not. 2) While it may be used to assist in piracy prevention, how long until someone figures out how to spoof that server and serve malicious code to the OS at boot time. Because ya know, that's better than having some pirated software out there. 3) It will be cracked sooner or later. They've tried this with Office 2010 to an extent and Adobe with CS 5.5. They've both been cracked. It's a stupid game of cat and mouse. There will always be piracy and theft. How about everyone spends some of that money on actually improving the product & making the experience of the paying users suck less as opposed to being a momentary irritation to a pirate?

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