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Comment bullies (Score 1) 517

Simply coming back with "ok, we get the message - you don't like SOPA. But i don't hear you jackoffs coming up with any better ideas, do I?" is bully psychology. it is a sorry attempt to rephrase the conversation as "well, do you prefer A or B?"

but that's not the issue. the issue is, "does this problem need to be solved at all?"

because if we simply accept the choice between horrible implementation that infringes on our rights A and horrible implementation that infringes on our rights B, we're not actually thinking about all of the possibilities. maybe piracy, ultimately, is better for the public than either choice A or choice B.

just a thought.

Comment Re:divorce (Score 3, Informative) 332

1) You should probably delete your profile ahead of time, then.
2) I'm pretty sure that if you took the action to "delete your profile" with such a short turnaround time, then the spouse's login to your FB account would undo the "delete" action, anyway. Logging in to a FB account during the "deletion waiting period" cancels the deletion.

Comment Re:PS3 backwards compatibility (Score 3, Insightful) 329

i think the only reason ps2 backwards compatability was included in the ps3 was to help drive adoption rate for the ps3. as ps3 adoption went up, then ps2 backwards compatability was phased out, until it was gone and the ps3 stood on its own.

it's not like sony really wants you to have a single device to play all their games on - they just wanted the new item to have a better sales ratio until a critical mass of buyers had been achieved.

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