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The Internet

What Do You Do With a Personal Domain? 286

bmerr71 writes "I bought my own domain name to use as a self-promotion tool. I use a subdomain, '', which I selectively put on my email signatures to link to my linkedin profile. I also loaded up Google Apps to use for email. But when you go directly to my domain name, there is nothing there. I didn't want GoDaddy getting ad revenue off my name (and it doesn't look very professional), so I killed the ad page, but it seems like I should be able to put something up on my main page. But, I am not interesting in blogging, I do not want too much personal information up there, and I do not want to spend a lot of money (none, if possible). Are there any free apps that I can load up on my domain to fill the blank space? What do non-bloggers do with their personal domains?"
The Internet

Wikipedia Infiltrated by Intelligence Agents? 428

An anonymous reader writes "International Humanitarian Law professor Ludwig Braeckeleer thinks so. In an article published yesterday in the Korean newspaper OhMyNews, he reveals a discovery he made while researching a story on the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland. It turns out that a Wikipedia administrator named SlimVirgin is actually Linda Mack, a woman who as a young graduate in the 1980s was hired by investigative reporter Pierre Salinger of ABC News to help with the investigation. Salinger later came to believe that Mack was actually working for Britain's MI5 on a mission to investigate the bombing and to infiltrate and monitor the news agency. Shortly after her Wikipedia identity was uncovered, many of her edits to articles related to the bombing were permanently removed from the database in an attempt to conceal her identity. This discovery comes only months after another Wikipedia admin was caught lying about his credentials to the press. What can Wikipedia do about those who would use it for their own purposes?"
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Has the internet killed game AI?

iansmith writes: "After the amazing AI and scripted plot of Half-Life my friends and I were looking forward to what would be next. It seemed that great things were on the way.

But what came next was, nothing. We have better graphics and more objects are physics enabled, but the AI is still in the stone age.

Next year Half-Life will be 10 years old. So the question is, why is the AI in FPS shooters so terrible? Why did it peak 9 years ago? I've been using the same trick of hide JUST behind a corner and shoot some poor grunts elbow until they die since Doom.

I understand AI is hard, I mean *REALLY* hard. Expecting fast improvement is not realistic, but I am not kidding when I say I don't think current AI is any better than it was 9 years ago, and thats just sad. A top of the line game machine today is a 3GHz dual-core machine with a powerful GPU vs the 233MHz machine I used with no hardware acceleration, so you can't tell me it's lack of processing power.

A possible answer is that with the rise of the internet, game developers got an out. Single player has become almost a second priority to multi-player deathmatch. Why bother creating good AI when you can just have people play against actual human opponents? There is just no incentive to spend time and money on improving the AI when you can just dodge the whole idea of it.

So can anyone point me to a ray of hope, or is the future just limited more of the same old FPS we all love and hate?"

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