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Journal Journal: New Slashcode is not good for Low-Bandwidth User 3

I checked "Low bandwodth option" for Homepage and I find very hard to reach my prefs and journal page...Only easily accesible is page is articles page! All other link and slashbox are gone.
Who designs slashcode?

Journal Journal: HTTP-FUSE-KNOPPIX
Press Release says it is developed from bitter experience that SFS-KNOPPIX did't run well for American and European(!) user.


Journal Journal: Secret of medieval Japanese Art revealed

"Kohakubaizu" drawn by Ogata Kolin,famous Tokugawa-shogunate era Japanese artist,was said to be drawn using gold and silver tissue.
but modern scientific equipment reveal its true nature.

Geek would notice one of the important scientific equipment is Mac OS X computer!(period)

Journal Journal: Mistake

I post a really,really redundant && useless comment.
I don't want to be noticed by anyone.Oh no...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Poelina:"kawaii" Linux Book on Japan

GNU/Linux system is considered too complex and unsuitable for layman in Japan as well as U.S of A.
But a group of Japanese geeks writes a book named "Poe-lina" ,full of customoizing tips for "kawaii" Linux.
And nIcer goods is included with the book by the authors; Customised "Kawaii" KNOPPIX CD!(Screenshot)
"Poe-lina" may launch desktop linux in Japan ,...may not.

Journal Journal: RAID4

I was taught only practical RAID-tech is RAID 5,1,0(or combination of 1+0),and no RAID-2,3,4 is developped and available.
But recently I found Fujitsu has RAID-4 storage server(

# I'm a kind of Fujuitsu guy.

Why RAID-4?
RAID-5 has all the advantages of RAID-4,plus its know-how and merits and flaws are all well-knownn(compared to rare RAID-4).
You may be able to consult with Google for any time for any trouble.(Correctness of answer is not guaranteed,but you can try)

Why RAID-4?
Does RAID-4 have any advantages over RAID-5?

Any Comments and Suggents(especially from RAID-guru) are welcomed
User Journal

Journal Journal: test 5

this is test.

Journal Journal: Comiket 65

I go to comiket today(YOU don't know comiket?? See
I love comiket.I love otaku's odor.
I purchase some hentai manga(original),
"Le Portrait de 'Petit Cosette'"(DVD)
"Balanced Food for Coterie Magazines with TeX"
  -- TeX Guidebook for making doujinshi

I find doujin report-book for CCCD,but it's sold out.I can't get it(Sheesh!)
It details on how CCCD is bad...I really wanted to have one...oh.

I can't find Gates/Jobs or Linus/McBride books in Yawoi section.

Journal Journal: Slashdot Japan Translator Team

My friend mumumu translate articles(titles) to Japanese.
Here is his journal

12/3 entry
12/2 entry

Another friend estar also tries to traslate articles. Look at his Japanese traqnslation of /.articles such as SCOrched Earth,Japanese P2P Users Arrested, Creator Targeted and Japanese Train Sets A Speed Record Of 581 kph

Compare original text to translated text...

Journal Journal: Your average reporting time is 3 hour.Great!

I received spam infrequently.
When I know spamcop,I instantly liked its concept("It's keewwwl! arege-da!")
Soon, reporting to spamcop bacame my hobby.
Sometimes I report spam to BSA or local police depending on the content.
I am now thanked for "contribution" to spamcop by above message...

Journal Journal: 1st Post

Wow! I post a comment first time!

...Writing in English is still very hard to me.
The above comment may be "allyourbase"-kind English,Ummmm...
(No,I dont mean allyourbase is poor English writer,I never mean insult of any kind)

User Journal

Journal Journal: I Just Create Account...

At last, I have created /. account.
I'm a /.-jp account holder and /.-org reader for 2 years and recent times I find myself read /.-org more often.
Then I make up my mind to take account for /.,for far less bandwidth-kind access to /. ...Writing in English is veeerrry hard,isn't it?

Sorry for my broken English,reader.

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