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Journal Journal: Comiket 65

I go to comiket today(YOU don't know comiket?? See http://www.comiket.co.jp/)
I love comiket.I love otaku's odor.
I purchase some hentai manga(original),
"Le Portrait de 'Petit Cosette'"(DVD)
"Balanced Food for Coterie Magazines with TeX"
  -- TeX Guidebook for making doujinshi

I find doujin report-book for CCCD,but it's sold out.I can't get it(Sheesh!)
It details on how CCCD is bad...I really wanted to have one...oh.

I can't find Gates/Jobs or Linus/McBride books in Yawoi section.


Journal Journal: Slashdot Japan Translator Team

My friend mumumu translate Slashdot.org articles(titles) to Japanese.
Here is his journal

12/3 entry
12/2 entry

Another friend estar also tries to traslate Slashdot.org articles. Look at his Japanese traqnslation of /.articles such as SCOrched Earth,Japanese P2P Users Arrested, Creator Targeted and Japanese Train Sets A Speed Record Of 581 kph

Compare original text to translated text...

Journal Journal: Your average reporting time is 3 hour.Great!

I received spam infrequently.
When I know spamcop,I instantly liked its concept("It's keewwwl! arege-da!")
Soon, reporting to spamcop bacame my hobby.
Sometimes I report spam to BSA or local police depending on the content.
I am now thanked for "contribution" to spamcop by above message...

Journal Journal: 1st Post

Wow! I post a comment first time!

...Writing in English is still very hard to me.
The above comment may be "allyourbase"-kind English,Ummmm...
(No,I dont mean allyourbase is poor English writer,I never mean insult of any kind)

User Journal

Journal Journal: I Just Create Account...

At last, I have created /. account.
I'm a /.-jp account holder and /.-org reader for 2 years and recent times I find myself read /.-org more often.
Then I make up my mind to take account for /.,for far less bandwidth-kind access to /. ...Writing in English is veeerrry hard,isn't it?

Sorry for my broken English,reader.

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