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Comment Value Added Advice (Score 3, Insightful) 331

Sales comes from a genuine need. Your perspective clearly indicates you think this is product pushing - and value added sales isn't product pushing. If your customer needs an external hard drive RAID array for backups of mission critical data, would benefit from a hosted solution, or would obtain other value from a software upgrade, SELL IT. Your salary doesn't fall from the sky. It takes a team of people bringing customers in and generating revenue to pay you. You should share in the challenge of keeping the enterprise afloat if you expect to be compensated for what you do.

Comment Re:Slavery (Score 1) 403

I think the reason America is falling apart at the seams is that those whom have access to capital aren't willing to spend it in the USA hiring American workers when they can go to China and use the power of the state to enslave hundreds of millions of people on the cheap. It's eroding our tax base at a time that the genuine need for those services is at an all time high. This is the irony of today: Libertarian ideas of exploitation only work in China because of the massive power of the state. Further, hard work means nothing to the people at the top. Otherwise they'd actually give the workers in China a vested interest in seeing the enterprises succeed. But why bother when you can hire people at 50 cents a day, murder anyone that asks for better working conditions and use the power of the state to mask your corruption?

Comment Re:great (Score 1) 125

To think, the GAUL of someone who wants to provide end users with a FREE search engine that might need to actually sell something to keep the servers and lights on! (It seems many of the newer software models are FORCED into this model by end users who are tired of constantly paying for software that doesn't live up to its promises.)

Comment Re:As a customer, I think I perfer the XBL model (Score 1) 229

Absolutely. Because Microsoft is famous for having systems that are totally hackproof. (Giggle). I think we'd all prefer to game on a secure platform. (Didja see that slashdot? It was a totally reasonable, humorous expression from one human being to another without each other gouging our eyes out, calling each other pussies/fucktards/moronos and having a lame internet cat fight. YAY US! It is INDEED possible.)

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