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Comment Re:home routers (Score 1) 406

Are YOU willing to pay an extra $5/mo for IPV6, along with everyone else using your particular ISP?

I would be. And I imagine a fair share of other like-minded people. I just can't find any decent ISPs over here supporting ipv6, paid extra feature or not.

Comment Not much to do (Score 5, Informative) 459

Most ISPs block outgoing port 25 because 99.99% of that traffic is viruses or otherwise malicious computers trying to send spam. Even more mail services block all dynamic pools used by major ISPs because of the same reason.

Just invest a few bucks a month into a cheap hosted VPS behind a static IP where you can run the server.

Comment Re:Samsung Support (Score 1) 161

I agree. I'm a (very dissatisfied) owner of a Samsung Galaxy Spica. When I bought it it shipped with Android 1.5, but Samsung promised to deliver 2.1 "soon".

In the end it took something like three months of "any day now", and they didn't offer the chance to upgrade OTA. When I installed Samsung New PC Studio (a complete rip-off of Nokia's PC suite btw, with the exception that Nokia's suite works) to update, I first had to struggle a few hours to get the software to recognize my phone at all. When it finally did, I had to select the "update" option for the phone half a dozen times until the software managed to connect and realize that there was an update out for my phone.

After the software started updating and put my phone in some sort of recovery mode, the computer would helpfully tell me that my phone had been disconnected and an unknown, malfunctioning USB device had been plugged in. Needless to say the PC studio software didn't ever finish updating, it thought the phone was unplugged as well and usually crashed.

I tried to update using different operating systems, different computers, different versions of their PC suite, different data cables, et cetera. Finally I gave up and took the phone to Samsung after sales service. The fsckers kept my phone for three weeks, and when I finally got to pick it up they said they had updated the OS to Android 2.1... Guess what? It was still on 1.5, and all they had done was reset the phone to factory defaults. Something I could've done in two minutes.

Comment Re:what the.... (Score 2) 2254

Lucky you. I'm stuck with a 2 GHz Celeron and 768 megs of RAM at work, and the site is barely usable on Chrome. When I try to scroll down with the mouse wheel it actually takes two or three seconds to do anything.


Submission + - Google acknowledges Nexus S failure on long calls (phonearena.com)

alx5000 writes: "Not that long after Apple's iPhone 4 Antennagate, it's now Google's turn to remind us how smartphones are increasingly more "smart" and less "phone": a failure on the new Nexus S makes the phone reboot mid-call mostly during calls longer that 3 minutes, but even during shorter ones. If this turns to be a software problem, things could get hairy, with Gingerbread for the rest of Android terminals just around the corner."

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