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Comment Re:Yeah, but... (Score 1) 205

Patenting something like the GIF encoding algorithm nowadays would be extremely difficult.

Seeing as GIF (and the LZW compression which was the patented part of it) could be claimed as prior art, I would certainly hope so. Unfortunately, what I've seen of the current patent system still makes me somewhat skeptic about how that would work out.

Comment Re:ActiveX revisited? (Score 2) 332

Have you ever heard of caching? In theory, if the binary code hasn't changed, then if the NaCl module is cached properly, you'd only have to download it the first time. Of course, you'd have to redownload it anytime it changes on the server, but look at it this way - you get instant access to updates.

And if you read the article, Google's purpose in this is not to create huge, full applications in native code and then run them through the browser, but combine this native calculations with the cloud. In Photoshop, that might mean your computer's GPU handles all the image processing, but all the data to save and export to different formats is sent to the cloud for processing. Or, Google Docs' spreadsheets could offload all the cell formula calculations in native code, rather than sending a request back to the server. The point of this native code is to speed up lots of little actions, not build entire applications.

Submission + - SPAM: How to Repair My Personal pc - Cleaning Your Regis

freeonlinerdpz writes: The RegCure registry cleaner is a single of the most superior registry tools on the Net, with a variety of million persons relying on it each day to boost the functionality of their personal computer. It is really been very well-liked for a number of many years, but a latest update has left the RegCure registry cleaner operating ineffectively. Here's why...

RegCure has very long been a well known registry instrument thanks to the effectiveness and speed it has when cleaning out challenges on your Pc. This device has been made by a big company in Canada known as \"Pareto Logic\" who have coded the tool using their unique top secret scanning engine technologies. They are an anti-virus company and have a good deal of knowledge with building scanning instruments for many methods, so it's no shock that RegCure has very long been cited as one particular of the finest registry cleaners for all variations of Windows.

A lot of individuals have used Regcure to help their personal computers operate smoother and without mistakes, as they have been ready to depend on RegCure to locate and remove the largest amount of registry mistakes on your procedure. Nevertheless, a current update that has just been introduced for this device has developed the cleaner hugely ineffective.

It appears that the developers of RegCure have used techniques to limit the quantity of errors that the cleaner can find, limiting the general effectiveness of RegCure. This has lead the cleaner to be unable to uncover as a lot of registry errors on your common product, leaving your personal computer running as slowly and gradually and ineffectively as at any time. This usually means that if you want to use this instrument, you desire to be confident that it is going to be in a position to eliminate all the difficulties that you have on your Pc, not just a several. info about registry mechanic review. read about speed up my computer.

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Submission + - Google Goes After Content Farms (

RedEaredSlider writes: Aimed at stripping search results of pages from "low-quality" sites, a new Google Chrome extension allows users to block specified websites from appearing in search results. The names of these sites are then sent to Google, which will study the collected results and use them to determine future page ranking systems.

Google principal engineer Matt Cutts wrote in a post on the Google blog that the company hopes the extension will improve the quality of search results. The company has been the target of criticism in recent months, much of which centered around the effect that content farms were having on searches.


Submission + - Harvard Professor Creates Paper Accelerometer (

SuperSlacker64 writes: In an age where just about everything starts going digital, its refreshing to see someone going back to our roots: paper. Well, sort of. Researchers at Harvard have created a cheap, dime sized, paper based accelerometer that they believe could be used in various applications, specifically cheap medical testing. The device works because a carbon bridge stretches and changes resistivity as the device is accelerated.

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