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Comment Extrapolation and Confidence Limits (Score 2) 272

As anyone who is familiar with interpolation knows, extrapolation is a very risky business that provides little statistical confidence and error bounds in the prediction.

Of course, that doesn't prevents some from trying to use it to win the lottery anyway. Sure you get a prediction, but there is virtually no way to assign useful error bounds to the prediction.

Comment Maybe (Score 1) 97

this has more to do with politicians finding out that they have the following kind of lectures online and simply want to shut this kind of thing down before students actually get educated:

"Aurélien Mondon, Do people really want what politicians are offering?, The National Times, 8 July 2010,[6]"

Comment Yet more evidence of future foreign dominance (Score 1) 1

Although the US invented and developed the internet, it now seems that the cutting edge of its development is more and more taking place overseas. Australia, Germany, Korea, and now Japan and Denmark, are moving well ahead of the pace of internet speeds giving them unparalleled advantage in everything from executing high speed financial transaction to distributed, parallel computing.

With more budget cuts by the GOP and Tea Parties now in the offering for research, development and science, not to mention falling further and further behind in math and science, the US is rapidly becoming a second rate internet power. To think that in Japan one can already get 1Gbs service for as little as $50 per month, compared to barely 10Mbs for a comparable price in the US, the US is rapidly becoming a much more expensive place to do high tech business as well.

How long will it be before no one turns to Silicon Valley for the most advanced hardware and software of any sort? How many more HB1 visas will we need to grant to keep up in the race for those with the skills as well?

Comment The Bandwidth Gap (Score 1) 1

When there was a missile gap, America rose to the challenge. However, now, our leadership in technology is slipping away. When one considers that the United States through funding, much initiated and supported by Al Gore, created and developed first the military and then the public internet, the fact that leading edge internet technology is now being developed at Australian and German labs is further testament to how far America has fallen in technology leadership.

One really has to begin to ask, will continuous and long-standing GOP efforts to defund scientific research simply to deny the fruits of scientific advancement for trivial political gain, leave America's economy and military vulnerable in the future where technological leadership is rapidly moving elsewhere? When one considers that the US has very low bandwidth availability and very high bandwidth costs relative to other countries, a bandwith gap is emerging.

This article suggests that the bandwidth gap will quickly grow to our disadvantage and once again, the GOP is leaving America woefully unprepared for the consequences.

Comment If you actually read the article (Score 5, Informative) 203

The title is a total misreading of the results and yet one more example of a journalist, who is so incapable of understanding science that they get it completely bass akward.

Crabs are getting any bigger or "super-sized" rather ocean acidification confuses crab foraging behavior. Consequently, in Chesapeake Bay, where there are efforts to conserve oysters and thus clean the bay and increase oyster production, more oysters means more crabs under high carbon regimes.

The moral of the story is not that global warming will somehow give us giant crabs, but rather that with ocean acidification, oysters and those who cultivate them may be at a disadvantage because it takes spat much longer to grow, even though they obtain a slight advantage in that their crab predators can be become confused with increasing ocean acidification.

None of this is particular good news, since there is a upper limit as to how much extra carbon dioxide both oysters and crabs can tolerate and still produce their shells. Most don't realize it, but this problem is also true for fish, who must calcify their bones in order to grow and mature. With significant ocean acidification that means less and less fish, which is not good for humans, since we obtain about 50% of our protein from the ocean. The problem with ocean acidification is that unlike carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, where the cycle turns over about once every thirty years, natural pH changes needed to counteract human induced pH lowering only takes place over 100,000's or millions of years. So once we get there, we are more or less permanently there. Not to bright a prospect for mankind.

Comment Re:Poor city choice - I couldn't agree more (Score 1) 72

If Kim Jong Un doesn't like their music, I can't imagine he would spare it because of its internet service.

Given Kim's itchy trigger finger, Google really needs to reconsider. Instead of Austin, they should have their second high speed internet effort here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as the effect would be revolutionary and bring us from the stone age into the 21st century. Just think what bring Mississippi out of the stone age could do. They could rightfully and proudly boast, "If we can bring Mississippi out of the stone age, just think of what we can do for you!"

Beside, just think, being able to watch as global warming produces the next Katrina live in ultra-high def at 100 Gigabits per second would give advertisers the perfect opportunity to capture hundreds of millions of eyeballs. They would make billions.

Comment Re:What's the First Amendment? (Score 0, Troll) 230

Minors don't have 1st Amendment rights. The courts have settled this long ago.

Not satisfied with its war on women, war on drugs, war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan, war on gays, war on hispanics the GOP is not opening up a new war on children. They will teach these young ones not to be liberal or face jail time.

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