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Comment The reason they are using Android is... (Score 1, Interesting) 416

There's no reason to use M$/WinXXX on a convergent mobile device.

Same 'reasons' an iphone does not run an M$ OS.

Same 'reasons' most media players do not run an M$ OS. ...

There's no installed base of .doc oriented apps.

There's no overwhelming majority of users to provide any sort of peer pressure.

There's no library of existing apps/games/utils with which the population of potential users is already familiar.

None of the 'reasons' people use M$ products on PCs apply to the new field of devices.

Comment No it's not (Score 1) 392

The reaction mass in a "conventional" spinning flywheel gyro is called a flywheel. While such a gyro does not expel fuel, it does use a reaction mass.

The spacecraft pushes on the flywheel, the flywheel pushes back, and both accelerate with opposing angular momentum vectors. That is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus it is not a reactionless drive.

Comment Re:welleee (Score 2, Interesting) 888

As I said in another post, it depends.

Was it a childhood prank gone bad, resulting in some property damage? Was it a clever exploitation of some loophole? That might be a demonstration of initiative, motivation, and creativity. OTOH, he got caught. Does that demonstrate a lack of forethought and an inability to plan ahead?

Was it a drive-by shooting with three people injured or killed? That's different.

Comment To extend your predictions (Score 2, Insightful) 1747

There is a difference between what that the bigCs claim or predict and what you are predicting.

Yes, I'd bet with you on all of your predictions, but try this:

Will it rain more or less in England this year than last?

Will it be colder in Moscow this Feb than last Feb.?

Will Ca. have more or less fires this summer than last?

We can extend that to more rain in the next 5 years than the last 5? etc.

The problem is, the bigCs can't even get that right, and when they do notice that they haven't got it right, they try to hide it.

Honest, climate change happens. It has been observed in every form of historical record that we can access and interpret. What's missing from the historical record is "why?".

Today, many bigCs have come out and said "Man is why" and Man we have to change it. Let's assume that they do have it right(and are not hiding the fact that they have it wrong) and temps will climb over the next few centuries. Many, including myself have asked "Who says this climate change is bad?" Man is a tropical creature. It is getting warmer, why not welcome it?

Many bigCs and the politicians that back them demand that exorbitant amounts of resources be spent in an effort to try and combat climate change. Why? What exactly is to be gained from all of this expense? At the moment we cannot even combat a tornado(all we can do is try and duck) and they propose that we take on Nature on a planetary scale?!??! It's ridiculous.

Face it, the climate will change whether we want it to or not. It's natural. Live with it.

Comment Why not do it yourself? (Score 1) 874

You post with such an air of propriety and integrity.

Show me.

1) Go get yourself a copy of the emails. I'm sure you can find out which ones discuss this or if none of them do, post that or at least a summary. Make yourself a web page where you can post details: emails sent, from/to fields, a list of subjects, etc. Then paste in some ads and Profit! The traffic level will be enormous if you can do this.

2) Same here

3) Same here

I could go further, but I think everyone gets the point.

I'll give you a clue, you've got a long row to hoe if you want to convert quotes that say something like "Let's do this/OK, let's do it" into meaning "Let's do this/No, I will not do this" or as you say "No, they did not".

One more clue, if "they" did not, why are "they" resigning?

Good luck.

Comment You're right (Score 1) 569

It doesn't make any sense and if you note some of the other posts here, if a company asks those types of questions upfront, you probably don't want to work there. IOW, just as if you ask, if they ask it is a bad sign.

Fundamentally anyone can ask you any question about any subject at any time. It's up to you to say "No, I won't answer that question" even(especially) in an interview. If they press on, your response, assuming that you still really do want to work there, should be something along the lines of "Are you making an offer? Are you offering carte blanche?"

Comment Re:Asking about hours (Score 1) 569

Two counters to those that want to know previous compensation:

  Ask whoever is asking what the company paid the previous employee in the prospective position.

  Assuming that the person asking is the prospective boss, ask what his current pay is.

  If he asks why you need to know this, say(in both cases) "I need the information in order to properly evaluate any offer you make. That is, minimum acceptable pay is 10% more than the previous or 10% less than the boss, whichever is greater." ;-)

Seriously though, any interviewer that pushes this should probably be interrupted with a polite "I think we're finished with this process" and then you head for the door.

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