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Comment Re:Platform issue (Score 1) 325

That's fine. At least you have found a use for Python. :P

Seriously, does it matter what I refer to the platform as?

I develop for iOS on iPad and iPhone, but the whole platform is not iOS. There are currently significant differences between the platforms, and this can be seen simply by looking at the iOS instances running on currently-for-sale iDevices. Once Apple has brought the platforms into line with a common, single-stream codebase, then maybe we can start to think about iOS as the platform, but right now there is significant differentiation.

Comment Re:Platform issue (Score 1) 325

When people refer to iOS, they mean both iOS the software and iOS the platform. So what name do you prefer to use for iOS the platform?

Since iOS is actually the operating system, I tend to refer to the platform the same way as Apple does: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Sure, it is a moot point, but you made me make it. :-)

Comment Re:end-user mostly dont care what OS is running (Score 1) 325

A) I can't run whatever I want on it, everything has to be "approved" by Apple

OK, I'll give you that. But that is not really issue with iOS - it is more about the platform.

B) Applications essentially run in a "black-box" with Android I know what my apps have access to. If a soundboard wants to access the internet and my GPS location I'm not going to install it because it could track me and has no legitimate reason to.

Which is why iOS itself asks you to grant permission to an application that wants to use GPS, and indicates when the internet and GPS is being used. Wasn't there report recently about a spate of Android apps tracking users without consent?

C) Only one source for applications and no built-in ability to add in other repositories

Again, I'll give you that. Again, this is a platform issue and not iOS.

D) Minimal customization out-of-box, to change something as basic as icons you have to edit the direct image file itself, etc.

Hmm. You don't like the stock icons. Sorry.

On the other hand, if I was running something on Linux or Windows, I can run whatever I want on it, through things like packet sniffers and the like I can see what my applications are accessing, there are many sources for applications on both platforms and adding other repositories is as simple as typing into a dialog box. With both Windows and Linux you can customize to your desires. You can leave the stock OS how it is, or you can make it be radically different to suit your style.

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are devices designed for end users who care about being able to use their devices productively without having to worry about details like the above. Are you seriously telling me that you will run a packet sniffer every time you download a new application for your Android device?

Your comments that iOS is a pathetic excuse for an OS are based on your perceived experience as a user and not a developer.


Comment Isn't that the point of markup? (Score 4, Informative) 210

Whilst I accept that a lot of people presume that the HTML served from their web server is going to be rendered as they intended in the client browser, that is not, and should not be a foregone conclusion. HTML describes content - it is then for the client browser to render that content. Extracting just the content I am interested in is surely a valid use of that content, and unless web sites start to use a different model for their content (i.e. restrictive) then this should not really be a surprise.

I have used Reader, and I personally like it, but I have only used in on a handful of websites that are chock-full of spurious crap other than the content I am interested in.

Comment How about an escrow system? (Score 1) 309

How about an escrow system where I can pay my money for the game, but don't receive it until the DRM is removed? And if the price drops in the meantime, I get a refund. Or if I decide to cancel, I get a full refund. That way, the developer will see that there are gamers out there wanting to put money in their hands for a legitimate copy of the game, but unwilling to put up with the DRM.

In the meantime, I can download the cracked version... :)

Comment WTF? (Score 5, Informative) 229

Let me get this straight... the BBC pays for their internet connection, and they will have to pay a tariff appropriate to the bandwidth that they use in providing these services, which covers iPlayer video being delivered from their servers. As a consumer, I pay for my internet connection, and pay a tariff appropriate to the bandwidth that I use in consuming services, included iPlayer video that I download and stream. So if both ends are paid for, what is the problem?

It sounds to me like BT has suddenly realised that they have oversold their services on the basis that not everyone uses their internet connection at the same time. This is a classic telecommunications model. Except that, unlike the telephone, our internet access is largely un-metered (flat-rate charge), and we can use it even when we are not physically present.

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