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Comment Re:I agree, totally wrong (Score 2) 230

Allow me to ask you a question: What do you think would happen if we do what you suggest?

You're pretty much have the same situation as in Pakistan. Low taxes, everyone owns firearms, religion plays a strong role in society, drugs are legal, high military spending as a percentage of the GDP, etc. The question is how many Libertarians want to emigrate to Pakistan?

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 272

Yes, if he has a ROVER System, which is a laptop connected to a radio. It's not a networked computer and requires line-of-sight with the aircraft to function. In the mountains this can be difficult. The last time I touched one was in 2009. They might be smaller, lighter now, but back then it was at best semi-portable. My point is all these systems, ROVER, JTIDS, BFT, DCS, etc. are all independent systems, and they do not talk to each other. My knowledge might be out of date, but that was the stand in 2009.

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 3, Interesting) 272

True, a lot of people on /. seem to be confusing StarCraft for real command and control. If the network all went down, it wouldn't make a huge difference, at least at the Battalion level or below. We'd all just pull out our laminated maps and grease markers and keep on executing the mission. Almost all communication is encrypted radio anyway. Most Computers in the military are used for doing inane things such as making PowerPoint slides. In that sense, loss of computing might be a tactical advantage.

Comment How to make a million Dollars with BitCoin (Score 1) 239

To make a million in BitCoin, simply invest ten million in equipment, electricity and time. Or save electricity ant time by giving me nine million in cash, and I will give you back 1 million worth of BitCoins... But the real question is when will we see the first Nigerian BitCoin scams.

Comment Re:regression (Score 4, Informative) 103

Nope, no X-plane ever made it into orbit. They were very-high-altitude rocket planes, and were much too small to contain enough fuel to reach orbit. More fuel would necessitate a bigger plane to contain it, and hence a bigger motor to propel it, and hence more fuel to run the bigger motor, etc... That's why rockets get around this problem with multiple stages. They jettison excess mass on the way to orbit. A true "space plane" that lands and takes off on a runway and doesn't dump stages along the way would need to be Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO). So far, there are no true SSTO vehicles, even rockets. A space plane would need to haul along landing gear, wings, conventional engines, etc, and would be much more difficult to do than a simple SSTO rocket.

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