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Journal Journal: Interesting 12

Jay Carney: I Never Told A Lie
I am seriously interested, as an intellectual matter, just what the man's definition of 'lie' is.
There are national security matters that are off the table--got it.
Then there is carrying out orders--understood.
I guess the only way I can buy Carney's line is if the scope of the statement pertains solely to any matters of personal opinion into which he ventured while on the job.
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Journal Journal: Like so much of the baseless crap happening in the comments 20

The New Republic article is titled, "The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker," with the sub-heading, "A Journey Through the Poisonous World That Produced a Republican Star."

This is completely insane. I have followed Walker's career for a long time, and there is nothing in his record that can plausibly be given a racial tinge. What does TNR have on him? He supports voter ID legislation. That's it. Of course, every Republican politician supports voter ID, as do a lot of Democratic pols. As for voters, I believe most polls show around 70% support. All of which is to say that the New Republic's smear is pathetic, made up out of whole cloth.

I'm moving to a theory that carpet bombing with falsehood is all the Progressives have left. A good, but painful data point on the road to recovery.

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Journal Journal: Bye, Cantor 13

That much-obituaried Tea Party strikes again. Standing by for fustakrakich to scoff at attempts to oust the incumbent deadwood in 3. . .2. . .

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