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Comment Re:One workable algorithm (Score 1) 26

Which famous last words do you want? "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it," or "What difference, at this point, does it make?"
I thought that the Progressives had ushered in an era where passing legislation is akin to getting liquored up and conducting scientific experiments with unstable reagents.
What, do you want us to go back to reading legislation, and actually considering its effects prior to deploying the rectal ramrod?
Next, you're going to demand budgeting, and realistic, sustainable safety net programs.
You, sir, are a dangerous extremist.

Comment Re:But yet you won't commit to it (Score 1) 138

However it is the result of defunding and deregulating public education. Whether it is a stated goal or just a convenient side effect doesn't matter.

I LOL that, in the face of the thousands getting their health insurance policies cancelled over ObamaCare, you suddenly get all empirical-results oriented and stuff. You might want to consider (a) homeschooling, where children are gaining education, without so much Commie indoctrination, or (b) the new Glenn Reynolds tome. You might "learn" something.

yet you want more to prevent them from happening

There are two kinds of people: those who want to grow the culture, and those that want to burn it down to the ground. I am unabashedly in the former category, and would that you'd join the project.

a strange way of describing the views

Only if reality is strange to you.

They would throw me out. The GOP is not nearly enough of a large tent

Ahem. We're not talking about Other Democrats here; we're talking about actual conservatives. I realize that you're content on your Progressive Plantation; please understand that, based upon what I've seen you write on Slashdot, you don't know much about conservativism. I can say I've lived on the edge of the DC Singularity for ~15 years, and even hung out in academia for a couple, at George Washington University. I have personal experience of the evil I decry.

Comment Re:"plan" (Score 1) 138

I mean, it's your own words: "quickly revise the laws to allow them to . . . shut down all the rest of them at will".
Alternatively, you seem to think throwing in "or purchase" in the place of those ellipses, a presumably legal transaction, is somehow a prophylactic, a fig leaf, that justifies saying people who actually care about freedom of speech are going to pervert our laws, and re-enact anything akin to a Fairness Doctrine?
Yes, that occurred, as did the Alien and Sedition Acts. Because the sort of fascism the Tea Party struggles against must always be opposed then, as now.
If I enjoy any success for the hours poured into speaking truth to you, I hope you grasp this. As for your attempt to justify slandering good Americans, all I can do is point to your dissembling and say: Really?

Comment Re:But yet you won't commit to it (Score 1) 138

restrict education to only those who they feel deserve it

That is absolutely not a conservative viewpoint. I can grant you that there is a minority that wants to make abortion completely illegal; I'd settle for just not getting mugged to pay for murders. Also, only the most extreme libertarians would argue for zero (0) taxes. The common thought is that the enumerated powers of the Constitution make sense, and should be funded. Mandating gun ownership, while bandied about, is about as un-conservative as mandating health insurance.
In all, you proffer a mostly distorted view of conservativism. Come on down to and try some enlightenment for a change. It would help you a lot, I think. Can I sponsor a ticket for you?

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