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Comment Re:But yet you won't commit to it (Score 1) 138

restrict education to only those who they feel deserve it

That is absolutely not a conservative viewpoint. I can grant you that there is a minority that wants to make abortion completely illegal; I'd settle for just not getting mugged to pay for murders. Also, only the most extreme libertarians would argue for zero (0) taxes. The common thought is that the enumerated powers of the Constitution make sense, and should be funded. Mandating gun ownership, while bandied about, is about as un-conservative as mandating health insurance.
In all, you proffer a mostly distorted view of conservativism. Come on down to and try some enlightenment for a change. It would help you a lot, I think. Can I sponsor a ticket for you?

Comment Re:"plan" (Score 1) 138

The shame is that a country founded to overthrow the boot of aristocracy has fallen prey to a "permanent political class", and a line of "Progressive" hooey that has turned the country into a vast plantation through debt, bread & circuses (entitlements).
Then there is the parade of pseudo-intellectual twerps in the Information Age who, like some vast, demented electronic warfare system, seem bent on crapflooding all dissenting voices into silence.
You're the best.

Comment Re:Go for it. (Score 1) 259

However, those two years have brought on voter registration laws designed to disenfranchise, laws so blatantly racist that it's pants-on-heads insane that anybody let them get away with it.

No hyperbole there.

Gerrymandered districts can't be fixed til the next census. Mobile voting could be a hell of a stopgap before then.

In my perfect future America, there would be a GPLv3 mapping algorithm that calculated all of the districts. You tell me how many parameters. But let the code and (read-only) data be free, and let the bun-fight move to how the data get collected and validated.
Screw these political parties. To the wall. With a large drill. And some jello on top.

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