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Comment I, for one, rejoice (Score 1) 9

Man, if Romney had won in November, these recent revelations would truly be a CAT 5 crap storm.
As it is, we have a 5 cat crap storm, but that can be safely ignored with just a little media grease.
Toss the coin, and exhume the appropriate Republican effigy for renewed abuse.

Comment I think he's race baiting (Score 1) 4

Other than an appeal to the Racism Industrial Complex, I can't see the point of conflating the murder of a single human being with chart labeled with races.
But I don't think fustakrakich himself an outright racist, at least given only this data point.
My default assumption is that this is a dual troll.

Comment Re:Unexpectedly (Score 1) 5

Overly oblique Scooby Doo reference there. The plutocrats are Mr. ____, who would've gotten away with it, too, if not for these meddling kids.
Except, unlike the Founders, the modern American pouting class knows how to do precious little, save whine.

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