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Comment Re:To me, the real gag is. . . (Score 1) 10

How do you want the list sorted/grouped? There is the media, hollywood, the hipsters, the college students. Oh, academia, and half of social networks. Then there are the unions, and the bulk of the bureaucrats. Hmm. . .the unemployed, as well as Philly, with the ridiculously biased voting percentages.
Your feigned fog's funny. :-)

Comment To me, the real gag is. . . (Score 1) 10

. . .the Lefty rubes who bought off on BHO's soteriological piffle.
I can take equal abuse for being insufficiently skeptical about Bush, sure.
Part of that had to do with ManBearPig's incessant whinging about being unable to steal the 2000 election.
But the overarching point here is that central banking has turned these United States into an oversized high school, featuring a non-stop bunfight.
As for NSA, well, yes: given the capability to do so, are we to be surprised it's not being leveraged for purposes both good and perhaps no' so good?
That's the kind of naivete that keeps sending idiots to Washington.

Comment Re::-) Nice one (Score 1) 49

I'm only telling you that your actions prove without any doubt your animal nature still prevails, and that only by arrogance do you place yourself above it all, and try to distance yourself from what you are.

And yet, still, you haven't shown me an alternative.
Nor have I ever explicitly denied an animal nature. In fact, I've got 23 pairs of chromosomes that underscore the existence of such.
Nor do I see how I've placed myself above it all, in positing that there is an universe within which we all sit. I have stated that there is a purpose.
Nor am I seeking to "distance yourself from what [I am]". I'm out to maximize the value of that which I am, through developing it.
Maybe, just maybe, you're ignorant of what you're talking about, amidst your trolling. :-)

User Journal

Journal Journal: It's as though there was a discussion about math 49

Me: "2 + 2 = 4"
Him: "You're incapable of seeing beyond your affirmations."
Me: "What, then? Can you sketch an alternative to traditional math?"
Him: "Look, you're just regurgitating the same old stuff. If you won't give that up, there's nothing I can do."
Me: "Sorry! I thought this was an exchange of ideas, not a con job."

Comment Re:I agree with all of the Bush/Obama policy crit (Score 1) 5

It's a simple biological, primal reaction to one's environment (can even be boiled down to basic physics), but.. you know the rest already. You know the 'alternative' but just won't see it.

Maybe you can explain it to me in terms of cancer. You have a malignant tumor. You can operate on it and kill it, with a high probability of full recovery.
Now: what am I not seeing, and what alternative are you suggesting? That I go all Christian Science, and refuse the operation? You can do that. It's a subjective call.
But now you're a political leader, and the threat is a foreign country. Can you make the Christian Science call for your nation, and ignore the threat?
Now, I expect you'll attack my analogy, and rightfully so: international politics is orders of magnitude more complex than a cancer diagnosis, where you can repeat the tests a couple of times and achieve high certainty about the situation.
Oddly, that underscores my point: when YOU'RE the guy getting hammered in the media/at the ballot box, and not just sounding off on /., it's a horse of a different color.
All that to say that I refute your notion that "You know the 'alternative' but just won't see it." I know enough to point out that it's a much gnarlier problem than either of us is likely to understand.

Comment I agree with all of the Bush/Obama policy crit (Score 1) 5

Past all of the spitballing, what I've never heard articulated is any sensible alternative.
Isolationism? Sorry, it's the information age.
Non-interventionism? Well, that seems to have been where BHO has mostly operated, except for when he hasn't.
Would that there was a better answer.

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