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Submission + - SPAM: The Most Effective Six Pack Exercise 1

darrelhays1128 writes: Women can get sexy, washboard abs without appearing like a man. Your ab exercises here will develop the perfect abs, Whether you're a man or women, To do crunches, lay flat upon your backbone and being your knees upwards in order that your feet are flat upon the floor.
You'll then you would like to put your hands behine your head and pull up twards your knees, concentraing fully on the abs. You had better isolate the muscles as you're straightening up so that you feel the strain. You'll prefer to do repeatings of 8 crunches. The first day, you could be only able to do 2 or 3 repetitions. Or you could only be able to do one If it's been a long time since you've worked out. It will be harder for you to use these muscles. But you'll want strive to do as many repps as you will be able to without hurting yourself. If you find as though you're in pain, you should stop. The purpose of the crunches is to build abs. The way that you build muscle is to tear it a bit, let it heal and then tear it once again. This is where the huring comes out thwn you are doing crunces. You are actually building up the abs so that you can have you six pack. Whie you first befin doing crunches, you'll remark that it's quite a strain and that they're difficult/ As you do physical exercise daily, you'll notive that it is lighter to do and will start feeling a difference. You'll not notive the strain anymore when you're Crunches will flatten out and tone you abs, simply this isn't the only exercise that you want to do in order to develop the perfect abs. You as well need to work at side to side crunches. However to do side to side crunces.
Side to side crunches will help you develop the sides of your abs. Even as you arise staright, you'll also prefer to move to the side. Begin with one side and force youself up to lean towards that side. Do eight reps even as you would with the center field crunches. After you're finished, process the other side. It's cricical, while doing toning exercises,to admit your muscles to loosen up after each time you do your reps of crunches. You want to take a couple deep breaths and relax the muscles after you are finished the toning. When you're doing crunches, however you'd like up the muslces, effectively isolating them so that they will get toned. A different way to perform crunches for perfect abdominals is to lean on one side and so lift yourself up, centering on the abdominal muscles. This will work on the muscles on the side. Think of that you would like to work on the entire ab area to achieve the appear of a sculpted six pack. You need to do both front crunches as well as side crunches that are executed on your back also as your side to accomplish this look. Crunches may appear difficult at first, but will soon become easier. how to get a six pack

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Submission + - How to do scalable website code deployment?

eggman95 writes: I'm trying to come with with a design to be able to easily distribute code changes across x amount of web servers.

At the moment we are creating a tarball of our entire code repo, scp-ing it to each web server, extracting the file, then doing a directory mv operation (mv codeBase codeBase.old ; mv codeBase)

This method makes small updates very expensive as we have to deploy the entire code base for changes that only affect a few files. What methods do you guys use to distribute code to many servers?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Uses For A Small Office Server

ragnvaldr writes: "I'm the "IT guy" for an office of about a dozen people. And when I say IT guy, I mean I'm the only one here who can use google well enough to figure out how to make things work. We have a 500GB Mac server with a Drobo with 6TB of storage attached. So far all this server does is back up data, and I want to make it a little more useful. We also have a Filemaker server on it, which I have yet to learn how to use at all, let alone efficiently. Any suggestions to make this machine a little more useful?"

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