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Comment Terrorists win (Score 1) 1017

Terrorist know they'll never going to bring down America by blowing up a plane or building. Hell they could blow up 1000 planes and it wouldn't matter. What they really want is to terrorize the citizens into changing their way of life and making them live in fear. I'd say they're doing a pretty good job on that.

Comment Re:Does it work? (Score 2) 297

These companies have payed millions of dollars to buy patents. HTC didn't buy the IP therefore it has to pay a licensing fee.

I'm not a hater so the point of my question wasn't that Apple's claim is baseless (I honestly don't have the knowledge to take a position here since I haven't done any research). I agree that companies should be rewarded for their innovations but the patent system is so messy with the trolls and everything that I naturally take this kind of news with a grain of salt.

Comment Windows 8 anyone? (Score 1) 766

What I find interesting is that this whole XP thing is probably gonna repeat itself with Windows 8 IMO. Windows 7 users won't upgrade for the same reason: it's just good enough. In fact, Windows 8 better be really crappy so Windows 9 will have more chances of being a success. My $0.02.

Comment More Windows! (Score 1) 375

Microsoft has for so long depended on it's Windows monopoly for business and now that platforms that aren't Windows-required for regular people to want it are showing up (read not x86 PCs) they realized they have a lot of trouble competing regularly. The solution? "More Windows everywhere of course! It's how we know to play the game."

Comment Pretty solid patent description (Score 1) 101

You might argue about the problems patents bring us but this at least isn't a "systems and methods" patent which I hate so much. It's a pretty solid one... if they were really granted it they got a solid case in my opinion. I hope they won't win because this could really stifle innovation (I'd hate to see a smartphone without a camera, music player, and so on because patents are stopping it or making it too expensive). But in a legal way I think Kodak is unfortunately right.

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