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Comment Re:So what kind of "ban" is this? (Score 1) 220

Because, my friend, the news that you here is just the most noteworthy of the daily stuff that goes on in Pakistan. That is hardly average. I'm an Indian, I spent 4 years in Guwahati, Assam. That city has a reputation for terrorist violence, and the region (the Northeast) is known for atrocities committed by the Indian Army. But the only reason I saw anyone from the Army? There was an outpost in our campus (when the reason for the campus existing in the first place was the terrorists). But when I go home, I'm astonished by the chasm between reality and what the people imagine. For the very same reasons believe that most Pakistanis have at least seen AK 47s, I could believe that the US is a land of hurricanes.

Comment Re:Summary (Score 1) 345

And I report your mail as spam or junk or (if the option is given) phishing. Screw you over, since my response is likely to get your emails to others classified as spam or - worse - phishing. If it takes me more than two clicks to unsubscribe, you're marked spam. Most people won't respond, some will be vindictive like me and very few will be willing to send an email.

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