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Comment Re:Summary (Score 1) 345

And I report your mail as spam or junk or (if the option is given) phishing. Screw you over, since my response is likely to get your emails to others classified as spam or - worse - phishing. If it takes me more than two clicks to unsubscribe, you're marked spam. Most people won't respond, some will be vindictive like me and very few will be willing to send an email.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 403

Depends. Which driver? The wifi drivers? GPU drivers? I have a Dell Vostro that has no driver problem except for those two. And as far as I can tell, those are the two main areas where driver problems still exist (except maybe for audio). I'd guess that the GPU is Intel's, so drivers aren't a concern, and the wifi drivers shouldn't be a problem if Dell picks the right card (same for audio). So where did the extra 50 come from? And I'd gladly pay the extra 50 over the standard price, if a) Dell released a solid 15" laptop with enough ports and peripherals, not Ultrabook nonsense and b) if they released it in India, where I live.

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