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Comment Re:A solution (Score 2) 260

Or buy from a company that allows you to customize every aspect of the laptop. I have an Eurocom Racer http://web.eurocom.com/EC/ec_model_config1%281,219,0%29 with Radeon HD6970M graphics. You almost can't get better non-Nvidia mobile graphics than that. Got it with no OS installed, and it runs xubuntu like a champ.

Comment How about Steam for Radeon? (Score 1) 363

I only have various incarnations of ATI/AMD video cards in my laptops and desktops. I have just installed the Steam beta on one of them, running Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit and the latest fglrx proprietary Radeon driver. It's horrible. The Steam window has a really bad flickering, which makes it unusable. I managed to get some games installed by creative guess-and-click to hit the right buttons, but then none of the games run; they give me some error, but I can't read the box because of the flickering.

So it looks that so far this is compatible with nvidia only. No luck for Radeon users.

Comment Re:Will this somehow cause Sprint to stop sucking? (Score 1) 59

Well, first of all there never was any talk of LTE on Sprint. Their WiMax finally began extending to relevant areas (they started by covering some rural areas in Georgia - WTF?) I agree coverage sucks in some areas, but it's pretty good here. There's unlimited data included, at a time where few other carriers can claim the same. As for tethering, there are always 3rd party applications that allow you to do it. I just hope that if they do get bought the unlimited data doesn't get pulled.

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