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Comment Re:Cheap Chinese ones are fine (Score 1) 165

I agree. I use a cheapo ($15 or so) serial port Chinese-made programmer for DIP8 I2C and SPI EEPROMs, has been working like a charm for over 2 years. Looks like this:!C!P6,0QBWk~$(KGrHqV,!jME0DV!UBpyBNCNme3PvQ~~_12.JPG

I believe you can find USB versions for not much more money.

Comment All of the above (Score 1) 417

I have all versions of Windows from 3.0 to XP in use - all in virtual machines. The ones I use the most (for testing and gaming purposes) are XP from the NT series, and Me from the 9x series. Since the virtual hardware is standardized, Me doesn't get into driver hell and is remarkably stable.

Comment Re:who killed privacy? (Score 3, Insightful) 286

it's funny that the tech industry holds some of the most privacy-concerned individuals (..)

That is only if you believe the all-caps paragraphs on all the EULAs and TOS you click through. Often the following paragraphs will contradict the bombastic declarations of commitment to privacy - on the same page.

Comment Flawed reasoning (Score 1) 79

Quote from the discussion:

"The justification is simple. We're removing the Firefox version number
from all of the common user-visible locations because we don't believe
that users need to know what version they're on. We're moving to a model
that's more like the Web. What version of Gmail are you on?

We've removed it from all of our marketing materials. We're removing it
from the download button on the Website. We're removing it from how we
talk to users about Firefox. We're ending version numbers because
they're not meaningful to users (except in troubleshooting situations.)

People using Firefox do need to have confidence that they're on the
latest version, though, and that's what this feature provides. Telling
the user explicitly that Firefox has checked and that she is indeed up
to date is a much better way of letting the user know that she's up to
date than giving her a number she can compare with some other number on
a website somewhere to figure out if she's on the latest version. "

I cannot subscribe to this reasoning. There are many, many reasons why an end-user will want to know the version of Firefox he's using. For instance if he wants to avoid a certain feature present in some builds but not in others. Example: the so-called "AwesomeBar" (more of an AwfulBar if you ask me) which I had to go to extra lengths to avoid. Not everyone likes every single bit of Firefox.

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