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Comment Re:Dirty (Score 2) 260

The rise of coal use in Europe isn't completely due to economics. Part of it is due to Germany shutting down their nuclear plants and having to offset that electricity generation by increasing the production at their existing coal plants. They are also building (or planning to build) coal plants to help offset the loss of their nuclear plants.

Comment Re:Do Canadian credit cards for sub $10? (Score 1) 248

And if everyone suddenly shifted to paying with cash do you really think that prices would suddenly drop? Maybe a few small stores with good owners would do it. But I doubt the rest would. I know that when Loblaws started charging for plastic shopping bags due to the city of Toronto's fee they didn't drop their prices. For example the 4 litre bags of milk would take up one plastic shopping bag and it didn't get reduced.

Comment Re:Why is this here? (Score 1) 629

The Internet didn't make us smarter. Or even the WWW as you are suggesting with your Google example. They just allowed us to find things faster. Before the web you would say "look it up in an encyclopedia" or "look it up in a book." Yes it took longer but still took all of the same skills so computers have not made us smarter.

What computers have given us is the possibility to be more knowledgeable if we use it wisely. Examples of not using it wisely would include following the Kardashians on Twitter or keeping up with 500 people we don't know on Facebook but call our best friends. Yes, there may be some entertainment value in there but I feel sorry for people for whom that is their sole source of new knowledge.

I have little doubt that if you took an infant from a thousand or two thousand years ago and raised them identically to someone born today that you could not tell the difference. Obviously if you brought someone older there would be a huge culture shock to manage. Look at how people have changed behaviour in the past when new technologies have caused disruptions. Are there huge differences between us and a person from even a hundred years ago, especially in the fields of math, science, and medicine. But do you really think that those people would have been incapable to understanding such concepts?

What makes everyone so sure that having knowledge is going to make people smarter? And for that who's definition of smarter? We know that in countries in which the women become better educated and have better control of their lives the number of children they have goes down. Part of that is having access to birth control which the Catholic church refuses to let people use. Here we have two groups with opposing viewpoints both claiming to have the smarter option.

Comment Re:Some how I doubt it will matter (Score 2) 156

From the article: “The IFPI investigator handed over the evidence material to the MPAA senior executive who then changed the text file before the anti-piracy organization handed over the evidence to the Finnish police,” Hietanen says.

Not quite the clear chain of evidence unless the MPAA is a member of the justice system in Finland. It doesn't say that the executive had someone present from IFPI when making changes or not.

Comment Re:The answer to government rationing is simple - (Score 1) 720

I'm not arguing for a socialist government system. Why are so many people scared of having everyone given health care provided, or at least funded, from the government? After all you have public education and you aren't screaming about being socialists. I know that it's in society's interest to have a well educated work force but isn't a healthy work force also good for society?

There are problems with the Canadian system just like there are problems with any system but it's far from insanity. Last fall I picked up an infection in my foot and it was swollen up almost 50% and turned beet red within 24 hours. I went to the ER, got diagnosed with cellulitis, and given a dose of IV antibiotics all within six hours. That day I had supplies delivered to my door for another four treatments of the antibiotics and a nurse came by to administer them starting the next day. If it hadn't been my foot I would have had to go a clinic but I was barely able to walk at the time so the home support was provided. I was told to go back to the ER for a follow-up and was put on an oral antibiotic to clear the rest of the infection. My total cost for all of that was approximately $30 for the oral antibiotics and a prescription for an anti-inflammatory. If that's the insanity of the Canadian system I will gladly take it.

I will admit that for non-emergency cases things can take longer here than in the US. And we do have problems in certain fields such as mental health care.

Comment Re:Cuts are Significant (Score 1) 720

Maybe your deficit is falling because you are bringing your military home from two campaigns and your stimulus spending has stopped. Add in the fact that the economy has started to grow again which adds a bit to the tax revenue and of course you are going to get a falling deficit. Yes there have been a few cuts made. But the US is in bad shape economically speaking and needs to get things in order before things get worse. Unfortunately it seems like the politicians are more concerned about pointing fingers and getting re-elected rather than the health of their country.

Comment Re:Make him run the Marathon (Score 1) 773

I didn't say that WWII was the fault of the US. I said that the US should have intervened earlier and saved countless lives. It's not like Hitler wrote a book and said what his ambitions were. Oh wait he did. That's why Churchill was so adamant about not signing treaties with him. But the US was so isolationist that it took an attack from the Japanese to make them really commit to the war effort.

Comment Re:Um... "suspect" (Score 2) 773

I wish I could believe that but with the article (and others that I've read) stating that they are questioning him without Miranda rights being issued to him I have little faith that it will be a show trial. I find it quite disturbing at how easily it is to have these rights taken away from someone. On one hand people are being told that everything is safe because the suspect has been captured but the suspects rights have been taken away because there's a danger to society. It's either one or the other.

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