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Comment Re:I'm getting tired of this industry (Score 1) 75

It's not just the tech industry it's every industry now. The stock market demands an easy solution to slowing revenue growth and all too often the "easy" solution is to chop some staff because everyone only looks at the short term. Even the government is doing this in order to reduce our taxes in order to try and get re-elected. We are going to get into trouble with all of this short term thinking.

Comment Re:I'm getting tired of this industry (Score 1) 75

I have absolutely no problem with school boards requiring teachers being trained in how to teach. I wish universities had the same requirement. I was in university in the early to mid 1990s and had very little respect for my professors. Sure they may have known about their specific sub-field of study but that doesn't mean they are familiar anymore with the broad subject matter or even know how to teach. For many of them teaching was something that they only did because it was a requirement. They were at the university to do research. Just because someone knows a subject matter does not mean they know how to convey that knowledge to others in an understandable manner.

Comment Re:RIP Bell Labs (Score 1) 75

I remember when Nortel was at it largest I had a job and part of my responsibilities involved going around to install software. One of the problems Nortel had was that the level of a manager was determined by the number of people reporting to them. So if a manager wanted to go up a level they either got another project or hired more people for their existing projects. Some of the new people that they were hiring in 1999 were only there to boost numbers because they had trouble turning on the computer.

Comment Slippery slope (Score 1) 251

So now Google is modifying their algorithm to change the rankings based on how a business runs. Are we going to have to know the business ethics of companies in order choose which search engine will bring up the best results for us? I think that search results should be neutral at least as far as ethics of the people running the search company. Is Google going to slow down the response time to these sites for it's fibre customers too?

I don't agree with what these sites are doing but I think Google setting a dangerous precedent with this action.

Comment Re:NSA aint helping either (Score 1) 177

Then make your browser bring this to the attention of the user. Say to them that the site is using a server that ignores the Do No Track setting. If enough users see this and stop going to the site then the site owner will be forced with the choice to keep tracking the remaining users or to change their server.

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