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Comment Re:Isn't this an old idea? (Score 1) 229

When I was piloting Disney's monorails, a fully loaded train would draw up to 2000A at 600VDC accelerating out of a station. The regen braking would also generate 2000A slowing to about 20mph before the friction brakes stepped in. Unfortunately that power is burned off in resistor banks located between each car.

Comment Re:It's a good decision (Score 1) 259

The porn sites, from what I've heard, want to be in a .xxx domain so that they can be blocked more easily. Why? Because that gives them protection against future bills like COPA that would be much more burdensome for them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure a lot of porn sites will continue to maintain their .com or .net domains, but I'd imagine they will quickly be modified so that each page redirects you to the same page in the .xxx domain. It's easy enough to set up a web server to do that.

This must be why many members of the porn industry showed up to protest.

Comment Re:P4 and MythTV Details (Score 1) 354

If one wanted to push things, I'd be interested to hear if a P3 can write an HD stream to disk fast enough to make one usable.

I currently have a couple dual-tuner HDHomeRuns and (they say) it streams from each tuner at 15Mbit/sec max via ethernet. I think a P3 backend would have little trouble writing that to disk.


iTunes DRM-Free Files Contain Personal Info 693

r2k writes "Apple's iTunes Plus files are DRM-free, but sharing the files on P2P networks may be an extremely bad idea. A report published by CNet highlights the fact that the account information and email address of the iTunes account holder is hidden inside each and every DRM-free download. I checked, and I found I couldn't access the information using an ID3 tag editor, but using Notepad I found my email address stored inside the audio file itself."

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