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Comment Re:Might see re-emergence of "downgrade" ads (Score 0) 222

Already out there started June 1st. By any system with any version of Windows 7 and you can for less then $20US, I forget if its $19,99 or $14,99, get Win 8 Professional. After you buy the system you go to a website that I cant remember right now and not at work to read the sign we got by the computers we sell.

Comment Re:What is the point of gaming consoles? (Score 1) 249

Add in the cost of software to make this PC run as well as the time it would take to set it all up to be functioning as seamlessly as the 360. I know the consoles I have took no more then 10 minutes from out of the box to playing a game. Can you say the same for set up and assembly of these pieces?

Submission + - Megaupload Points Out That The Feds Want To Destroy Evidence In Its Case (techdirt.com)

SolKeshNaranek writes: Summary: Megauplload says US Government wants to destroy critical evidence it needs to defend itself. This evidence is on the servers seized by the feds.

Excerpt from the long article:

There are all sorts of problems with the federal government's arguments against Megaupload. Even if the site and its founders are guilty of breaking the law, it's amazingly troubling to look at the details of how the government has gone about proving this. The most immediate situation, as we've been discussing, involves the handling of the data on Megaupload's servers.

Very soon after the raids, the feds told the hosting company that Megaupload used, Carpathia, that it no longer needed the data and that it could be destroyed. As we pointed out at the time, this made no sense at all. After all, the government is alleging that this content is at the center of a criminal conspiracy ring. So why would it want the evidence destroyed? Furthermore, it seems likely that there could be plenty of evidence on those servers that support Megaupload's case (ah, perhaps that's why the government wants it destoryed!).

Of course, since then, a bunch of parties, including Megaupload, EFF, Megaupload users and (oddly) the MPAA have gotten involved in trying to preserve the data, while the hosting firm, Carpathia has asked the court for permission to delete it, get paid for it, or have someone take it off their hands. Megaupload has specifically offered to pay Carpathia to get the servers, but since the government seized all its assets, it can't do that. Plus, the government has objected to this plan. Furthermore, the MPAA — which still wants the data preserved — has claimed that if the content goes to any third party it's infringement — and could lead to the revival of Megaupload.

Remainder of article in link.

Additional related information links:


Comment Re:I do the opposite (Score 1) 532

Not just small items, last year we were having a small deck built and were in the store in the morning for pricing. Got full quote from one of there "pro-desk associates", but wanted to make sure with the guy doing the build that it was the final materials list since it had changed 2 times already. After getting that confirmation and calling the store back and speaking to the same associate saying yes we wanted that nearly $1000 worth of materials and if it could be gathered for us to pick up in 4 hours, it was said sure no problem.

4 hours later to almost the minute we walk in and of course that associate was no longer there, the store manager said no we don't hold anything for anyone "we do not have the room to". Then when we asked ok then pull up the order quote we did, they cant do that either as it seems since it was policy to delete all orders if the customer leaves the store. Nothing said to us when we were there initially about this, but we can get it together for you now if you have the list..which of course we left at home since it was in their computer. So 45 minute round trip later were back and waiting 3 hours for them to pull it together.

That was the day I started thinking maybe they were bought out by Bestbuy and I missed the news, since I have had the same experience there once.


Apple Removes Wi-Fi Finders From App Store 461

jasonbrown writes "Apple on Thursday began removing another category of apps from its iPhone App Store. This time, it's not porn, it's Wi-Fi. Apple removed several Wi-Fi apps commonly referred to as stumblers, or apps that seek out available Wi-Fi networks near your location. According to a story on Cult of Mac, apps removed by Apple include WiFi-Where, WiFiFoFum, and yFy Network Finder."

Comment Re:China debuts human rights abuses (Score 1) 491

So perhaps we need to work with manufacturers to create products and processes that are economically viable in the U.S. Or deal with it and see if a sneaker maker exists in the U.S. And one does. New Balance.

From http://www.newbalance.com/usa/#/factories

Twenty-five percent of New Balance shoes sold in North America are produced by our US workforce using US and imported materials.

Even made in the USA is not guaranteed by the company that advertises as made in the USA.

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