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Comment Re:Shoot down? (Score 1) 338

There's definitely use to destroying an object in a nose dive. For example, if the device is on a ballistic trajectory, you'll separate it into smaller components increasing drag and lessening the damage by spreading it across an area. If it is explosive, you may force the weapon to detonate prematurely, reducing the threat of the explosive. If the device is on a controlled flight path, you remove it's ability to control. If the device is not a missile, but rather a vehicle, you've eliminated the vehicle's ability to deploy arms or perform reconnaissance.

Comment Re:20% of nobel prize are jewish.. 0.2% of populat (Score 3, Interesting) 36

There have been studies into this. Normally studies to determine whether one genetically similar group (race, ethnicity, etc) has a predisposition towards advantages in intelligence, athletics, etc. has been looked down upon and stifled. But as studies into hereditary illnesses progressed, it turns out that some illnesses bring advantages. For example, sickle cell anemia brings a resistance to malaria. Another example is Tay-Sachs, a debilitating neurological disorder that usually brings about childhood death and is more common amongst Ashkenazi Jewish persons, however carriers of a Tay Sachs gene without the disease have an average of a couple IQ points bump.

A couple IQ points is nothing tremendous, mind you. The average Tay-Sachs carrier is going to be just as average as everyone else, but on the high end of the normal curve, you'll find there will be an over-representation of Jews to the other ethnicities. This may explain in some part the effect you've seen. It should also be noted that there is a large many Jewish Nobel Prize Laureates and other persons of note who do not share the faith (Einstein, Feynman, Asimov, Edward Teller, etc), so conversion will only likely fill your mind with things that bring no value towards life successes.

Here's a Wikipedia article on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashkenazi_Jewish_intelligence

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