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Comment Re:That's nothing . . . (Score 1) 250

You don't need to directly measure the variable (person's state: connection graph, behaviors, interests, etc); you may estimate the state of the variable by the observable information (how other's react, discuss, etc). This is the basis of sensor theory.

Facebook tracks information on persons with and without accounts based on information provided by other users. For those without accounts, Facebook creates "shadow profiles."

Comment Re:Thick Skin (Score 1) 786

For Windows, iOS it seems to be decisions by committee and business need.

You say this as if somehow a committee eliminates the politics that are present in Linux, which cannot be further from the truth. I bet there are tons of things that the committee for each OS has turned down for various reasons, but you and I don't know about it because it isn't open.

Seems like the King does not want something added to "his" kernel,

Precisely right. RH is fully capable of adding it to their kernel, as are any other distros. Linus does not want it in his kernel and that's that!

Comment Re:It was meant to be a joke (Score 1) 524

I wouldn't think anyone would take the half hour remark literal.

I have had a manager who behaves, literally, as you claim you do. You think you're being flippant or glib, but you aren't. There are managers who want to be a part of the process and they think that means interrupting everyone who is actually working. And from your tirade, you sound like you're one of them. You think you're doing everyone good with your frequent communication sessions, but you're actually an impediment to actual progress.

Comment The car is modified for disabled drivers (Score 1) 1176

The headline and summary is missing vital information: the car has been modified for disabled drivers. Hugh Pickens and Timothy have both practiced bad journalism/editorialism by bringing this article to Slashdot and hiding important facts within the summary.

Suggestions to shift to neutral, stop the engine and so forth are uninformed as the severity of the modifications are as yet unknown (not published).

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