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Comment Re:Its code not codes FFS (Score 2) 157

Then you're likely a waste of time and detriment to your team.

I have had conversations with some of my friends who work on the peta-scale clusters and thought much the same as you. But, it turns out, when you're working with that level of system, you're probably addressing some small part of a much, much larger problem that has been largely solved. The existing code that performs 99.9% of your task is written in Fortran and actively developed by a very successful team of researchers. Attempting to rewrite the working, debugged, code so you can work in your favorite language today is not only impossible, but would likely get you removed from the team.

Comment Re:Modern Fortran (Score 1) 157

Compilers often cannot make optimizations in C/C++ and similar languages because of how flexible the languages are to the user's needs. Fortran, on the other hand, is more restrictive and the compiler can make guarantees about aliasing and alignment that permit things like autovectorization. This really is a part of the core language, not just the result of monumental resources put at the issue.

Comment Re:Fortran works fine with MPI (Score 1) 157

I'm not 100% sure on that. Languages like Go have brought in a lot of the same things, like language-level concurrency. However, Fortran has really been designed to address the problems that are solved on supercomputers first and general language second. This makes it far easier to focus on the task at hand instead of working around limitations in the language.

Comment Re:bigger problems (Score 1) 157

It's still true. Fortran uses these intrinsics as well, furthermore the way Fortran handles variables is stronger than C/C++, which permits the compiler to perform more aggressive optimizations. Fortran also has convenient syntax for performing common mathematical operations on datasets. Yes, you can replicate this in C++ with operator overloading, but Fortran puts this in at the core language permitting the compiler writers to target these specific operations for optimization.

Lots of existing code is in Fortran and is easiest interfaced in Fortran. In addition Fortran 2008 included things like concurrency in the language that C++ only got in 2011 as a part of the standard library.

The theme of this project is more about "my language (C++) the one true language" than reality.

Comment Re:Now make GNOME work (Score 1) 128

Thin clients did happen, but they didn't catch on. In fact, one of the main Xorg developers, Keith Packard, worked on some in the 80s. Sun Microsystems created the SunRay product line that provided a thin client environment to their SunOS/Solaris and Linux platforms, although the protocol was proprietary and not X, likely due to the same reasons Wayland was created. On a side note, Keith's presentations on why X sucks are some of the best and worth viewing to understand why Wayland is so important.

When I was using a thin client, it was a great experience when you used a very simple environment and no animation, such as an XTerm in TWM. The experience quickly deteriorated when you tried to do many on screen changes and lots of interactivity, which is common for people simply surfing the web on most pages such as facebook. This was compounded when you had some 16 clients on a single host server.

Comment Re:System may be working? (Score 1) 321

there's also a slightly more benign (insofar as evils being on a grade) explanation; covering asses.

There is nothing benign about doing the wrong thing and removing one's freedoms. If anything, the fact that this is there to prevent penalty for what is otherwise a criminal act is exactly the opposite of benign!

Comment Re:"Partner" (Score 2) 426

Perhaps, but in this context I thought he was referring to a journalist in which he was collaborating.

... you know, some of us use the term partner because we wish to emphasize our commitment to each other, instead of the sex of our lover.

If that is the case then "husband" would be an equally despicable word.

Comment Re:Speak For Yourself (Score 1) 41

Some mass media manipulate graphs to large audiences to alter their opinion. Here's a bunch of good examples:

One has to look pretty closely to ensure that each graph has a y-axis that starts at 0, a consistent x-axis, that the height of bars and points match the numbers that are presented and other forms of lying with data.

Comment Re:You can't fix stupid (Score 1) 668

An education beyond intelligence most likely results in rejection of the information due to a lack of understanding.

Or parroting information without understanding, like so many students do on their exams that ultimately lead to their graduation and completion of education.

On the heirarchy of knowledge, data becomes information, information becomes knowledge, and knowledge becomes wisdom. In education, we present previously understood information in hopes of developing knowledge. In reality, it's nothing more than data to the student, some of whom will internalize it as desired, but many will not.

You can test this with people. All you have to do is listen to someone describe something a little technical, such as selecting a sorting algorithm, a specific PRNG algorithm, or a statistical model, and then ask them "why?"

Comment Re:What about new talent? (Score 1) 1501

I'm very familiar with the disagreement between Linus and Mauro. Mauro messed up. When Linus called him out on it, Mauro claimed that it was the userspace application's fault (!!!). A livid Linus told him to shut up and follow the rules (don't break userspace!). Then this exchange continued a little more. Mauro is an example of a developer who pushes back against the rules even though he's been in the game long enough to know not to. Swearing at Mauro is one thing, I think Linus should have considered ignoring Mauro's contributions as he has demonstrated a clear lack of judgment.

If Linus wouldn't have been very clear with his frustration, how much longer would that exchange have been?

Here's the exchange:

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