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Comment Re:Another Reason (Score 1) 436

You managed to show off you ignorance and make it look like a unabomber screed, well done.

1) SOlar furnace provide 24/7 ;power.
2)Wind is always blowing somewhere.
3)You can use excesses wind to build a water gravity system.

"terms of line loss."
and that statment is the real reason I bother to reply to you vat o' ignorance.
Do you know what the line loss is for 4000 miles using high voltage AC is?

HInt: the answer is No. No you do not.

There about 6.5%. whoop-dee-fucking-do.

I"m a fan of nuclear, but I will not let that kinds of misinformation, lies, and ignorance pollute any issue. W can NOT make good decision as long as we allow people making statements like your a seat at the table.

Comment Re:Another Reason (Score 1) 436

It's FAR more prevalent in the private sector then the public sector.
It's also done a lot better on the public sector. In general when they see a TREND of decreasing need for money, they will make preparations for a bump. That way they have something in place in case the trend was a temporary one.

The private industry financials are a mess compared to government financials. In general.

Comment Re:Another Reason (Score 1) 436

Not exactly. There where serious bird issues. There was a wind farm that was killing thousands of birds a month, many of the raptors.
This actually makes sense, because where would you put a windmill? where the est wind is. Where would birds fly? where the best wind is.
FYI: there are difference qualities of wind.

However, since then they general don't put wind mills in major migratory pathways anymore.
I find it interesting that the State of California pulled are the 90's findings form the web.

Comment Re:36 million units sold in 2011 (Score 1) 528

Maybe you cna find less biased links with less cherry picking?
Did any one of those links even mention equity lender shenanigans with debt load?
Temseter manamgemtn sold out the teamsert for a piece of the company. They knew you could not save a compjnay wher emanamgment had allowed that kind of debt load.
Blaming the unuions is stupid. DO you now where Hostess would be right now had the bakers union taken the deal? bankrupt.
There dept load was untenable even if all the union members worked for free.

This is a long term management fuck up. And while the 'paid themselves a dollar' I can't help but note the millions they got through 'bonuses' I would work for a dollar a year if I got to name my own bonuses. Many CEOs pay themselves a dollr. It's a meaning less gestures when they get bonuses based on criteria they get to set.

""Here is where BCTGM can back down yet save face. They were unwavering in the face of a threat, they can proudly tell their members that they didn't back down until they were forced to, but they can still save all the jobs.""

That is a clear misunderstanding of what was going on.

But yeah, they should just keep taking a cut years after year after year after year after year after year~

Comment Re:36 million units sold in 2011 (Score 1) 528

That's not even close.

Upper management allowed equity investors it jack up the debt load.
That's what cause the slide.
Unions took many, many cuts.
In the end the teamsters settled for 25% seats on the board and 100 million.
Based on the debt load, the bakers union did not think a percentage of the company had enough value.

The reminds me of the 70s, when a company would sell key technology to the Japanese, who would then shut down the local plants. Unions got blamed, and the people who sold out to the Japanese got rich.

Comment Re:36 million units sold in 2011 (Score 1) 528

"You do realize the rounding errors in salary payments cost more than those executive bonuses, right?"
no, they don't.

Where doe s it end? how many rounds of cuts? how much debt load do investors continue to dump into the company without taking any blame?

You ARE away of the equity investors debt load issue with this company, right? right? if not STFU up ignorant fuck twad.

The fact that you can not understand the idea of standing up after you have taken the brunt of the hits from upper management fuck up tells us just how big of a coward you are.

Comment Re:Union negotiators screwed up (Score 4, Informative) 528


Private equity backers had loaded the company with debt, That was the problem. The trivial saving that might have happened if they combined the two entities(breads and cakes) has just become an knee reaction from anti-union groups.
lets not that division went up into management. Upper Management tried play the unions off each other to take the light off the private equity shenanigans.

Comment Re:legit patent suit? (Score 2) 57

No, they are doing more good overall.
They just completely fail with software. Don't confuse the software abuses and trolls you here with the entire industry. It seems bad because rarely is the good news reported. How many troll cases have their been in the last year? a dozen? maybe 2 dozen? vs the 1000s and 1000s of valid cases and patents.

" refine the new technology "
The patent system is designed to allow just for that. If you have a widget, And can patent that widget with an addition feature.
That is simplistic for the sake of example, but the point is correct.

Comment Re:Thought... (Score 1) 359

"On a traditional laptop, touch-screens are simply a largely unnecessary ergonomic nightmare for desktop-oriented computing."
We all know that., but you have the OPTION of using it like a table should you take it somewhere.
Learn to think about things.

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