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Comment Yeah... (Score 4, Insightful) 139

He notes that the US needs to limit trade with China to items we can't get anywhere else. He says not to supply China with the rope that will be used to hang the US on.

1. Not bloody likely.
2. Too fucking late.

China plans for the long term

Well, duh.

People who have been looking at China for the past two decades have been screaming this at the top of their lungs, only for this concept to fall on deaf ears. The US has forgotten about the lesson of Samuel Slater, and China has picked it up and they are schooling us.

Where the manufacturing goes, so does the science and engineering. And that's what the Chinese want. They want what we had and we're giving it to them hand-over-fist for short term profits.

The "problem" is cultural, and it is entirely self-made.

And it ain't gonna get fixed until US businesses start looking at the long term, which has about the same chance of happening as a snowball's chance in Hell.


Comment Re:We need easy to use end to end encryption (Score 1) 337

This makes little sense. The purpose of using encryption is to prevent someone tapping into the conversation and hearing what you are saying. The NSA is instead going to each of the people you talk to and asking "what did russotto say?" and getting an answer in real time. Encryption does NOTHING to change this.

Comment TRying too much (Score 1) 737

A) no one is selling you women.
B) "They are drawing my attention to thigh-high boots, to low-cut shirts, and, frankly, to the hard work of a really expensive bra."
So? why it's it their fault you can see past that?

Jeez, that was the most pathetic attempt at calling something sexism I have ever seen.

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