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Comment Re:Economics 101 (Score 2) 318

This. What else would it be?

If you're willing to pay for something, you will be charged for it. Unless someone offers the same for free AND this offer makes you go to him instead of your original choice, nothing will change.

I, for one, was amazed about the free soda refill policy in many restaurants in the US. I can almost see how this came to existence. Some fast food chain did it as an ad stunt, and people flocked there, so everyone had to follow suit, and eventually even "normal" restaurants "had" to do it to attract customers. And suddenly everyone does it.

Think you'd get a free refill anywhere if it wasn't for someone starting to offer it AND being successful with it?

Same here. Any kind of service will only become the norm if it attracts customers.

Comment This looks fake. (Score 5, Interesting) 251

The "police page" at may be fake. That address resolves via reverse DNS to "". But "" isn't in DNS or the .dk registry. It was live in 2006, and was a site for soccer fans, then moved to "", and is now defunct. The IP address is hosted by Rackspace in London.

Also note that on the page, there are no links to any law enforcement organization. All the links are ads for "safe and reliable online content". A domain actually taken over by the Serious Organized Crimes Agency in the UK looks like this. No ads, links only to a UK government site.

This looks like some private "IP protection" company impersonating a police agency.

Comment Re: Boycott (Score 1) 193

It's only a stopgag, not a solution. Sadly, it's often mistaken for one.

Bread and games is sedating the population, it makes them happy and distracts them from the underlying problem, but the problem itself remains. Unless you're willing to solve that, don't expect "bread and games" to solve it for you.

There are two ways this can bite you in the rear. First, the obvious one, that the population will remember, with a vengeance, their problems when you should for some reason be unable to provide more bread and games. And now YOU are the bad guy. Because you promised them food and entertainment and you failed to deliver, so they have to face ugly reality again. And no matter who is actually responsible for their problems (likely, they themselves) since YOU failed and they can only see it because of your failure, YOU are responsible for it in their eyes.

To make matters worse, and that's what actually fell Empires in the past, a complacent population is also an idle one. An attitude of "we're number 1" is almost instantly followed by "then why try harder?" Once you're at the point where you sedate your population with games and food, and keep them occupied by getting them worked up over non-issues so they can't concentrate on matters of importance (religion and religious topics, from abortion to homosexuality, work like a charm there), it doesn't take long until another civilization catches up, overtakes and takes over.

Comment Re:Not sure why this article made the cut. (Score 1) 202

|> the largest city in New England.

You do realize the article is about Boston, not New York City, right?

Since when is NYC part of New England?

NYC was New Amsterdam. Owned by the Dutch who also owned Pennsylvania and then sold all their holdings in North America to the English.

Know your fucking history, numbnuts.

True story:

Walking in Midtown, with a friend from Amsterdam. Walk by the ING building at 230 Park Ave. "You know, you guys used to own all of this" "Yeah, but we traded it, like we trade everything."


"Everything here is big, except your churches"


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