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Comment thinking in the box (Score 1) 633

Here's a thought: Why not bury a laptop with all the data on it? That way you store the mean to read the data again, but maybe install a media friendly OS that you will be able to work 16 years from now (because computer interfaces will have improved SOOOO much by then you won'y be able to work Windows Vista).

You probably don't want to store the battery connected, I'm not sure..

Comment Re:HOWTO: Using a SUBSET to create LOCK-IN!!! (Score 1) 186

I think you are missing something here: App Engine is a specific platform for specific needs. To quote Wikipedia:

Compared to other scalable hosting services such as Amazon EC2, App Engine provides more infrastructure to make it easy to write scalable applications, but can only run a limited range of applications designed for that infrastructure.

If you are writing for GAEJ then you are writing for that specific platform/framework, just as you would for J2EE5 or J2EE1.4 or a none EJB host or mobile application etc..

In my experience and to generalize:

1. Threads: Not used in web applications
2. Writing to file: Only used for file upload (images, pdf etc..) where streaming to a RDB would create a performance hit) - store in BigTable rather
3. Network access: Used to be used where SOAP services are used today. ..and then there is System.exit which is not implemented, probably a good thing, it used to do horrible thing in tomcat years ago :)

I short, it is as much of a lock in as the Spring framework or J2EE itself, two of the most popular business application frameworks.

Comment From a cc artist (Score 1) 139

I've found it frustrating to get heard on Our music is all freely download-able ( and, but we're just not getting hits..

Surely there should be a good way for Creative Commons licensed music to be promoted as we're not making money out of the downloading, its difficult to justify buying into the promotions.

I just think there is something missing out there, I make music, I'm not a marketer.

Or maybe our music just sucks??

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