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Submission + - Google algorithm discriminates against bad reviews (

j_col writes: According to the official Google blog, Google has altered their PageRank algorithm to not give back linking points to bad reviews of websites belonging to online retailers, following the publication of a recent article in the New York Times describing one woman's experiences in being harassed by an online retailer she found via Google. The specific changes to the algorithm are of course a guarded secret. So considering that these changes are already live, how do we know how the algorithm determines a bad review from a good one, and whether or not innocent online retailers will be wrongly punished by having their rankings downgraded?

Comment Enough already! (Score 5, Informative) 542

I live in Ireland, and like many Irish people I'm sick about hearing about the economy. Things on the ground in Ireland are actually pretty good: people are still spending so VAT income is good, and our exports are doing well throughout this recession. It is widely predicted that we will have a medium-term export led recovery. The problem we have is that the financial markets are not prepared to lend to us at less that an exorbitant interest rate of ~8% due to the perception that our deficient is massive, which is an anomaly due to the EU forcing us to include our own internal bank bailout (NAMA) on the countries balance sheet. Basically our problems are at the macro level not at the micro level: lots of Irish companies including the one I work for are still doing very well in this tough global economy thank you. The only reason we have to go to EU & IMF for funding at 5% interest is because the markets are screwing us at 8%. It is the markets that are hurting us, not corporations like Google etc. which are creating a lot of wealth in the country with the high salaries they pay.

Comment Handset OS race not over yet... (Score 1) 336

...and Android has not won it. There is still iOS, webOS, RIM, BREW, WP7, and probably some others that I can't remember. Why not compete in this fragmented market with MeeGo? Eventually we may settle on a single dominant platform, but I don't think Android will become that platform as it is already fragmented within itself due to OEMs "tweaking" the platform to suit their own product differentiation needs, and Google allowing them to do so. MeeGo, like all of these others, has a fighting chance.

Comment Nobody worried about Google's dominance? (Score 1) 295

Google may not be operating a monopoly in the strictest sense, but they do clearly dominate the search market. If you run a website and Google decides to downgrade your rank or even drop you from their index altogether, then your site effectively drops off the Internet. This can ruin an online business.

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