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Comment Re:The last 25% (Score -1) 368

who's to say that one of those tires doesn't roll off your pile and land on your face while some yet to be determined force was holding you down?

4513 Brittany Ct. Eau Claire, Wi. 54701.

i'd love to play this game with you... all this weaponry with no targets... it can be boring.

Comment Re:It's not a settop box and it's not a setbottom (Score 0, Troll) 266

you couldn't possibly be any dumber...

so a device takes in air from the top you say? and another expels hot air out of it's bottom... and you're saying it would be awfully difficult to line those up by stacking them?

i bet you're great in bed... "sorry hun, that'd be awfully difficult to do"

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