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Linux Business

Submission + - Tamil Nadu (India) may shut door on Microsoft

aprasadh writes: "Government of Tamil Nadu(a state in India) has started initiatives to fully convert their IT systems of all of their departments to OSS based software. A news item appeared recently in Deccan chronicle, an English Daily. A copy of the news item can be retrieved from this link. Mr. Umashankar, managing director of ELCOT(procurement,consulting and training agency for the Government of Tamil Nadu for the procurement and supply of the IT and IT related products) describes us about how he dealt with Microsoft executives and also about the reasons why he has chosen OSS."

Submission + - UFO's over Chicago O'Hare!!!

chuckbag writes: From NPR: "In November, a gray, metallic, saucer-like object was spotted hovering above Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. As many as 12 United Airlines employees spotted the object and filed reports with United. Officials at the airline say they have no knowledge of the incident, and the Federal Aviation Administration is not investigating. Melissa Block speaks with Chicago Tribune transportation reporter Jon Hilkevtich, who reported on the incident."

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