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Facebook's Zuckerberg To Give Away Half His Cash 450

Stoobalou writes "Facebook co-founders Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz are among the latest batch of 17 billionaires who have promised to give away at least half of their fortunes, after signing up to a philanthropic campaign led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates 3.0 and celebrity investor Warren Buffett. By signing up to The Giving Pledge, the mega-rich make a vague promise — sorry, 'moral commitment' — to give away more than half of their fortune at some point during their lifetime."

Comment Re:Sorry, no "dirty tricks" campaign here... (Score 4, Insightful) 1060

He had consensual sex with 2 women, who are now complaining he didn't use a condom, which is apparently illegal in Sweden, but it's hardy rape by most people's definition.

Nonsense. Having consensual sex without a condom is hardly illegal in Sweden or any other civilized country for that matter. From what I gather, the condom actually broke during intercourse with one of the women and Mr Assange was asked to stop, and he didn't. Yeah, that's at least called sexual assault in Sweden, and since it's no longer consensual I can't really see what else it would be called.

Of course, what really happened between them is only known by Julian Assange and the two women. Let's not judge anyone just yet.

The Media

Wikileaks Founder Arrested In London 1060

CuteSteveJobs writes "The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has been arrested by London police on behalf of Swedish authorities on allegation of rape. Assange has admitted that he is exhausted by the ongoing battle against authorities. The Swiss Government has confiscated $37K in his Swiss Bank account. PayPal and Mastercard have frozen Wikileak's accounts, hampering Wikileaks from raising any more funds."

Comment Ask them (Score 1) 600

Remember, your job is to make sure everything works smoothly for them, and if that means more work for you, well, that's what they pay you for. There's no one-size-fits-all solution. By asking them what they want and expect, you'll get something to start from.

Comment Conformity (Score 1) 108

As much as I love the idea of the Web as it once was - an open platform allowing people to exchange ideas regardless of gender, race, social status, handicap and so on - with the rising popularity of the web this was bound to happen. Call me a cynic, but most people are happy to sacrifice their privacy, integrity and what not for just a little bit of shiny or simplicity. "Everyone else is doing it, so what could possibly go wrong?" This is really not a problem with the Web as such but with people in general, and to think the Web could somehow be different from the people that populate it is pretty naive (although one could of course wish..)

People prefer simplicity over privacy, and will gladly give up some of their freedom rather than having to learn something new.

Conformity seems hard coded in most people.

Input Devices

Kinect Hacked, Adafruit Bounty Won 262

scharkalvin writes "Adafruit has announced a winner to their bounty for an open source driver for the MS Kinect. From the article: 'We have verified that it works and have a screenshot from another member in the hacking community (thanks qdot!) who was also able to use the code. Congrats to Hector! He's running all this on a Linux laptop (his code works with OpenGL) and doesn't even have an Xbox!'" We talked about Adafruit's bounty yesterday.

Comment Re:Yuck it up (Score 2, Interesting) 210

But for the benefit of anybody happening upon this post, yes, they are Nazis:

It won't be long before Sweden Democrats show true anti-Semitic nature.

From your link:

The SD did not include any anti-Semitic messages in its platform. On the contrary, it has two Jewish members among its top ranks and has actually come out in support of Israel at times.

Seriously, that's the best you can manage to come up with? One would hope for some evidence of your claims since you apparently feel entitled to judge for others.

Comment Re:Yuck it up (Score 2, Informative) 210

Nazis? They are actually more Israel friendly than most established parties, and one of their MP:s is jewish.

While their ideological platform is built mainly on restricting immigration, that hardly qualifies as nazism. And joke votes are hardly a sign of apathy. If you really need to point fingers, why not aim them at the ~18% of the population that didn't vote at all? Get your facts straight.


Researcher Builds Machines That Daydream 271

schliz writes "Murdoch University professor Graham Mann is developing algorithms to simulate 'free thinking' and emotion. He refutes the emotionless reason portrayed by Mr Spock, arguing that 'an intelligent system must have emotions built into it before it can function.' The algorithm can translate the 'feel' of Aesop's Fables based on Plutchick's Wheel of Emotions. In tests, it freely associated three stories: The Thirsty Pigeon; The Cat and the Cock; and The Wolf and the Crane, and when queried on the association, the machine responded: 'I felt sad for the bird.'"

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