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Comment Planning for the future (Score 0) 203

While some of these designs are brilliant (and I haven't read all of them), what I would want as a poor rural homeowner is expandability and repairability. Sure, you can a cheap/easy from-the-factory solution today but what happens in six months when you need to patch a hole in the wall? To be a truly transformative force, the ideas behind the design should be easy to apply with local materials/labor even if the final cost goes above $1000 eventually.

Comment Re:Not time yet (Score 0) 74

That's not their target. Look at their acquisition of Kongregate... the real goal is to have a good quality casual gaming device that you don't necessarily have to smear up with fingerprints. My guess is that it will have a circa-2006 GPU/CPU setup. Good enough for WoW mk 1 and anything you see online for free these days (which will be one of their big selling points!)

Further prediction: there will be a big push on Kongregate, et al, to make sure games will work on this new device flawlessly.


Submission + - New super efficient LEDs developed (compoundsemi.com)

WileyC writes: A prototype of a new LED from LED Lighting Fixtures, Inc. just kicked the butt of current LEDs in energy efficiency (not to mention making fluorescents and incandescents look completely outdated). From the press release:

LLF's latest prototype fixture operates using less than 15 percent of the power of standard 65-watt incandescent bulbs and 50 percent of the power of compact fluorescent bulbs, while delivering equivalent warm white light as measured in lumens. The company's LED fixtures produce virtually no heat and can provide 50,000 hours of light, as compared to the average 2,000 hours provided by conventional 65-watt bulbs.
According to the article this makes them 35% more efficient than current LEDs on the market.

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