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Submission + - Deutsche Telekom Counters Copper Thieves With Drones And DNA (suasnews.com)

garymortimer writes: Sascha Fuchs (L), head of ATG Sitec GmbH, and Thorsten Kanand, head of AirRotorMedia, demonstrate how a quadrocopter drone can carry a rig for marking telephone cables with artifical DNA on September 30, 2013 near Kremmen, Germany. The two men have a contract with German communications provider Deutsche Telekom to tag overhead telephone cables across Germany in an effort to fight theft of the cables, which has shot up in recent years with the value of copper.

Submission + - Drone Video Documents Pigeon Shooters Illegally Burning Hazardous Waste (suasnews.com)

garymortimer writes: On September 1, 2013, and again on September 15, 2013, Hindi piloted his drone following Wing Pointe pigeon shoots. Both times the drone recorded video of burning, which showed a further pattern of illegal activity committed after the illegal shoots had ended.

The DEP was called after the Sept. 15 incident. An inspector discovered that Wing Pointe had burned spent shotgun shell cartridges along with plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other business waste. Shockingly, the DEP only gave the gun club another warning and is taking no further legal action.

Submission + - Boeing:Less than 30 days to design and fly DARPA competition drone (suasnews.com)

garymortimer writes: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking for a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft that can fly fast, hover efficiently and carry a lot of cargo. Thanks to rapid prototyping, a team of Boeing Phantom Works engineers in Philadelphia designed and built a flying subscale model of the innovative Phantom Swift in time to be part of Boeing’s proposal for DARPA’s vertical takeoff and landing X-Plane competition.

The scaled model of the Phantom Swift went from being an idea to a flying prototype in less than a month. It will serve the team as a flying laboratory.

Submission + - Students $16 3D printed drone takes flight (suasnews.com) 1

garymortimer writes: During their 10-week research internship at the AFRL Discovery Lab, the trio was tasked with 3D printing a fully functional aircraft from a Makerbot Replicator 2X. The idea behind the project was that a plane could be quickly and cost effectively manufactured using 3D printing. The airframe could be printed for $16 worth of plastic in a matter of hours.

Submission + - Autistic children build and fly their own drone (suasnews.com)

garymortimer writes: Taking Autism To The Sky (TATTS)

A hearty congratulations to Paul Braun whose Kickstarter project was designed to bring joy to others. He has succeeded in his goal and autistic children have built and flown their own drone. With it learning some of the freedoms that come with flight and journeys into their imagination of what they might see. The sUAS News hat is firmly tipped to Paul and the team.

Follow the links to see the videos the children created.

Submission + - Ars Electronica Drones form Kangaroo in the Sky (suasnews.com)

garymortimer writes: Twitter user Eva Shindling @evsccc recently posted a Kangaroo in the sky above Linz, Austria flown as part of the ARS Electronica 2013 festival.

The team from the Ars Electronica Futurelab are doing amazing things with multirotors what will they come up with next!

Submission + - Drones in China deliver packages, even a birthday cake (suasnews.com)

garymortimer writes: Spotted in the city — located in the southern province of Guangdong with a population of roughly 8 million — by a Weibo user who posted the photos on the Chinese social network, the drones are eight-rotor helicopters, or octocoptors, operated by the delivery service SF Express, whose logo was conveniently plastered on the side of the drone. The company admitted to running trials of the service after media reports picked up on the photos.

Comment Re:I am torn (Score 1) 322

If you liked the Commonwealth and Void books, then definitely find Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy. You'll like them just as much.

I also liked Fallen Dragon, but it took a long, long time to get rolling. Many may not have the patience.

The rest of his novels... Meh. His space opera rocks though.

I also recommend Alastair Reynolds and Ian M. Banks if you like Hamilton.

Submission + - DARPA release requirements for drone launching drone submarine Hydra (suasnews.com)

garymortimer writes: Hydra aims to develop a distributed undersea network of UUVs and UAVs able to operate independently for weeks or months at a time to complement manned ships, submarines, and aircraft as an alternate means of delivering various capabilities above, on, and below the ocean’s surface.

The UAV payload will feature encapsulated air vehicles that fit into the standard Hydra modular enclosure. The air vehicle payload that will be ejected from the mothership, float to the surface, launch, fly a minimum range, and conduct several different types of missions.

Undersea payloads will launch, dock, and recharge from the mothership and collect intelligence information. After their missions they will download information to the mothership, which will communicate it to command authorities.

Submission + - Drone crashes into Virginia Bull Run crowd (suasnews.com)

garymortimer writes: Online forums suggest that there were actually three different operators flying at the recent Bull Run incident. Among them Digital Thunderdome, who apparently were not flying the incident aircraft but another lofting a Red Epic.

Flight over crowds should never occur and cannot be considered safe practice.

Earlier this year whilst filming in London for the UK version of the X Factor TV show a similar incident took place and was subject to a CAA safety notice. Unlike the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia the USA does not have regulations or safety systems in place for commercial civil UA operations. According to an FAA representative speaking to Patrick Egan of sUAS News at the recent AUVSI conference rules are due for public release and comment before 2013 is out.

Comment Re:Google Fiber bitches (Score 1) 290

Only good thing.


You can't swing a cat in KC without finding BBQ that's better than that found in much the country Westward. (And I mean better executed... if you're fond of dry rub or Carolina BBQ then you may respectfully disagree on aesthetics.)

Teh Blues. Lots of good music in KC, mostly gravitating towards the intersection of Blues and Jazz.

If you're driving X-Country on Interstate 70, plan an overnight stop in downtown KC and then go find a KC Masterpiece restaurant and a blues club to visit afterwards.

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