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Comment COBOL (Score 1) 435

Great features for masochists to maintain horribly engineered legacy systems, including (but not limited to):

No recursion or dynamic arrays: hard coded implementations at compile time, off by one errors, limited toolset

Global comm(memory) access is the rule: ad-hoc code, debugging errors due to opverlaid memory can take days

Lack of OO Concepts: lack of abstraction, repeated code, ad-hoc code

No automated testing: unavoidable code rot, makes TDD impossible, ad-hoc code

Lack of frameworks or simple library functions: no option but to always rebuild the wheel

Horrible IDEs: Completely inaccessible (try downloading a COBOL compiler), Worse to code in than notepad, costly and eternal vendor lock in (hope you like micro focus)

COBOL Culture: Programmers are a dime a dozen, Analysts with domain knowledge and no technical ability are awesome


Submission + - How to sell my hobby project?

stixn writes: I've been doing contract work with a consulting company for about two years now. Over time I wrote a tool which automated the most boring parts of the job. I let some other consultants use it, the word got out, and now the company wants it. They sent me a contract for some feature requests, but the statement of work makes it sound like I will be giving away all rights to the program. Obviously I need to negotiate something better but I don't know how. The information I have found so far assumes a big software company vs a small business. I have a great working relationship with the company and I would be surprised if they tried anything unethical. However, they want to make it an off the shelf product and license it to their much bigger partners. Ideally I would like to get paid for continued development and retain enough ownership for 40-50% profit sharing. Would that be asking too much, or worse, not enough? What is my best move in this scenario?

Comment Re:I'll give it a chance (Score 1) 250

>Would love to have something that works hand in hand between server, db, and browser in a more seamless way

I just discovered Grails two months ago and I think it does all of the above. It's built on top of spring mvc and you can use all existing java libraries/code in your code. The learning curve for learning Groovy syntax is graceful (if you know java) and follows the 'principle of least astonishment.' A couple examples...

Persisting an object to a database:
def foo = new Foo().save()

Getting an object from a database:
def foo = Foo.get(id)

And the best part: no xml config files. yay!

Comment don't forget ADHD-PI (Score 1) 711

I don't think anyone has mentioned ADHD-PI (Predominantly Inattentive). It's like normal ADHD but trades the hyperactivity for inactivity, which means its more difficult to identify.

I tried some adderall on advice of my sister and the result has been life changing. Anyone that heard I was on ADD meds would say "well geez I wish I could concentrate better, too." I gave some adderall to one of my friends to see if it would help him concentrate and guess what? All it did was get him high. YES ADHD misdiagnosis may be rampant but ADHD-PI diagnosis is largely absent.

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