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Comment Sound (Score 1) 1880

I've dual booted dozens of boxes at home over the last 20 years. I've wiped Windows and single booted Linux on a few too. But every time I get some new kit, Windows comes pre-installed and all the hardware just works. Nearly every time I've had a struggle to get Linux sound working, or video out or something else that was just fine under Windows.

Really, Linux on the desktop is still not there. And the fissiparous nature of desktop environments doesn't help.

Comment Re:Same S&P which help caused the fuck up in 2 (Score 1) 1040

I'm sure we'll hear a lot of political ideology in today's comments, but I just wanted to remind folks that S&P reputation isn't that stellar. S&P and Moody's used mathematical models to rate mortgage backed securities as safe as governmental bonds back in 2007. Then about 90% of those bonds were then rerated as junk bonds which forced a large sell off.

Only because the bank deliberately gamed the system to hide the fact that they were lending way beyond the Basel rules. Don't blame the ratings agencies or the governments - it's all the greedy bankers' fault.

Comment Re:The real purpose (Score 1) 591

The real purpose for Google putting everything into one entry box is that everything you type gets turned into a search, and therefore gets sent to Google

I'm a keyboarder rather than a mouser so I know C-L takes me to the address bar with autocomplete from history and bookmarks, C-K to search. C-L plus a few letters is a lot faster than a bookmarks menu. C-T,C-K is probably one of my most used key combos. Either way, they can hide the bar when not in use as long as I can get there via a handy shortcut.

Comment Re:YES! It's actually insane and insulting... (Score 1) 335

I used to visit the US fairly regularly .... once every two years or so. Nowadays it's about last on my list, simply because of the aggravation involved in setting up the trip, getting the necessary documentation, undergoing the various intrusive security procedures and the like. It's simply not worth the trouble.

Same here. And I won't even transit through the US because of the hassle.

Comment What about the charity shop? (Score 1) 280

I usually pass my books on to charity shops after I've read them. I guess they'll lose out in the ebook age. I've never understood why some people hang on to every work of fiction they've ever read. I read an article recently (sorry no cite) of someone who uses the ebook for preference but also buys a hard copy for their bookshelves. Does not compute.

Comment Re:Lame and pointless (Score 1) 1348

Most computer users I come across need 4 applications: an internet browser, a pdf viewer, a program that can open word and a program that can open excel files. I haven't seen a Linux desktop that doesn't provide these out of the box in the past few years.

So, what is missing from getting Linux to the masses?
1. retail distribution channels (walmart, dell, ...)
2. marketing presence
3. easy to use, consolidated app store with a way for users to actually pay for stuff

Google could easily fix all 3 of those issues; why hasn't it yet? ... ChromeOS. Expect a solid windows competitor in the next few years.

How about a desk-top OS that can't play DVDs without you figuring out what extra stuff you need to install and who's audio is a complicated mess? Ubuntu is a great achievement but it's still not there yet.

Comment Re:Meh... (Score 1) 973

Perhaps we are stuck here for a reason, and perhaps this is an opportunity for all of us to start working out our issues and learn to live together with reasonable differences.

I figured this out a while back. The computer running our simluation is only big enough to cope with a space the size of the near solar system. The whole lightspeed thing is an artificial construct of the simulated physics to keep us in place - like a video game with locked boundaries. All the rest is the imagination of a far space landscape designer.

Comment Re:escalators too (Score 1) 698

In Japan they have a cool solution: the escalator ends up having two lines. The people on the left keep walking, and those on the right stand. I guess for that to become a custom you'd need escalators that are typically crowded, which most in the US are not.

Speaking of stairs and escalators, England really needs to catch up on this one. When I was riding the train there I kept having little old ladies ask me to carry their luggage for them up the stairs. I can't imagine what wheelchaired people do.

On the London Underground we have signs telling people to stand on the right. We don't have much patience with the bloody tourists who stand on the left or who put their damned luggage in the way.

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