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Comment Re:It's from Microsoft and this is Slashdot... (Score 2) 1027

Good post. But just to clarify: you can't "steal IP".
First, there is no IP, there are copyrights, patents, trademarks and secret stuff.
You might screw people with those things, but none of them is similar to "stealing", with involves taking something from someone, with the result of them not having it in the end.

Comment Re:Yeah, yeah, racist rants, again ! (Score 2) 329

They copied a European village! Shame on them!

This is a good example why "Intellectual Property" has nothing to do with actual property.

Europeans stole tombs, temples, villages, cities, and even a couple hundred meters of a mountains height (í ) from Africa, América, Asia. That _is_ theft, but it's called "civilization".

Then, the Chinese copy the looks of a city, steal nothing tangible, and they are "pirates".

That's the difference between "Intellectual property" and real property. Depending on whether you detent the dominant culture, one can be a great thing, and the other shameful.

Comment Re:GPL is poison to business (Score 1) 1264

It's a bad analogy.
In your example, the GPL says nothing about your "garden".
The users are not limited in _any_ way. Distributors are limited, in that they need to provide source for the original code, and the improvements, _if_ they distribute the original code.

You can use GPLd software, improve it, and never share anything. The only thing you can't do is distribute GPLd software and keep the source to yourself.

Comment Re:Somewhat ironically (Score 1) 577

No way.
RMS already warned of the Java trap, and anyone could see that is had issues, ten years ago.
Also, there is not a lot of GNU Java stuff around, so it's not a big issue. Might be for Apache, though.
After all, this is getting irrelevant as we speak. Next generation software is not going to be written in Java, or C#. I don't see trends going that way, but a lot more towards dynamic typed languages, and just plain Javascript.

Comment Re:Why just OUR government? (Score 1) 194

You sound like a troll, but I will respond anyhow, because there are people who actually think what you say.
I DO IT WITH MY MONEY. I don't live in the US. You can read that in the GP. I don't care that the US falls behind. Living under the US rule, or under the Chinese rule, or the Russian rule makes little difference to Latin America.
About academics, if the US doesn't fund them, someone else will. I was just pointing out the consequences.
Where I live, there is little investment in R&D, it's slowly increasing due to our economy growing steadily for the past 10 years.
The global crisis is good for us in that our exports are more expensive, and we can start industrializing our country. I hope we start investing more in R&D, and I would happily pay a lot more taxes for that. This is already a great country to live in, I would love for it to become more industrialized so it's a great place to work also.

Comment Re:Why just OUR government? (Score 3, Insightful) 194

The country that builds the large labs is the country that willl get the super smart scientists to tinker with it.
The world doesn't need the US to fund big science. China will do it, eventually. The thing is that it would give them a competitive advantadge over you, meaning better scientists, better universities and stuff. I wouldn't want to lose my edge if I was the US.

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 93

First, I don't think this particular initiative will be any good.
Second, OLPC was not a failure. In Uruguay, my country, it was a great way to push forward the universality of internet access.
I understand that Mexico has it a lot tougher, but even in the extreme case that you are a kid who works on the streets, internet access can help you a lot. For instance, you can improve your reading, learn a few extra English words to get more money from gringos, or know whether a local shelter is open tonight.

Comment Re:The people will be the ones who suffer (Score 1) 667

You are right about stoning. Capital punishment is unethical, and should not be tolerated anywhere.
The same about torture, governments should not torture their prisoners.
Censorship is always a bad thing.

But the problem here is that the ones who want to overthrow Irans government suffer from the same issues. How are they going to be able to help? By example?

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