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Comment Re: Uber is quite retarded (Score 2) 341

I think you are wrong in this case, particularly as the case is in Germany. In the US getting into a cab is pretty horrific experience at the best of times, my experience has been several white knuckle drives where I have actually said to the driver I will tip him if he slows down, or taxis that simply aren't clean.

In Germany my experience has been taxis arriving on time, driven well and immaculately clean. Having legislated taxi services can mean that your drivers are vetted to a higher level (ie police checked & driver skills checked) than a decentralised system can ever be.

Comment As a passenger... (Score 1) 66

...and the ground is very unstable in many areas, not to mention under water.

Another benefit of flying is straight line transport. Roads -- particularly around here --- add huge distances to any trip because you can't go directly to one's destination, but instead, must go waaaaaay around to get there.

The best solution is actually monorails. There is no need for them to take up much ground other than a post every so often, they don't disturb the greenery or the wildlife or the settlements, they can mostly ignore terrain, they can go whiz-bang fast, they can never hit cows or cars or people (well, REALLY stupid people they might hit, but I see that as a feature, not a bug), properly built monorails can't be snowed in or under, the scenery is better than either aircraft (too high) or car/train/bus (too low) they're quieter than trains by far, the ride is better, elevation means better radio coverage for cell or whatever, two tracks for bidirectional operations can be hung from single poles, thereby taking no extra right of way.

Also, they're hella cool.

Too bad the government hasn't enough sense to Manhattan project a bunch of 'em. Sure rather pay for that than yet another bombing of brownish people with funny beliefs and (coincidence only, of course) oil and other natural resources.

Comment Gasbag (Score 1) 66

...and If only we had envelopes that would hold such a light gas without leaking it the heck out through every surface, or otherwise leak away the characteristic (heat) that makes it light... and if only such a technology didn't require such a large envelope as to function as a highly effective sail in any high prevailing wind such that it would take a huge amount of energy to counter said impetus... and if only we had a place to store such a large envelope... and if only such a device wouldn't cost seven figures... and if only there was a place available to land such things at your desired destination...

Yes, I believe you're on the right track. I'll start buying H and He futures immediately, and subscribe to your newsletter as well. Thank you!

Comment Nice and Pliant (Score 1) 66

I live 300 road miles from the nearest city of with enough resources to be worth visiting. I could actually use a flying car. Air distance is much less than the road distance, for one thing, and for another, max legal road speed is pitiful - 70 to 75 mph. Yet Amazon and the occasional other net vendor pretty much fulfill all our material needs. The big deal when we take a trip these days (usually medically related now) is access to a spectrum of decent restaurant choices.

However, all things considered, I'd rather have a couple of robots. A household one, basically a full featured maid, and another for walking a dog, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, etc.

I expect to get them well before I get a flying car, too, unless someone discovers a low-power, very safe, antigravity system in the interim. Otherwise, it's just not energy efficient.

Comment Re:just ask carriers. (Score 1) 248

Verizon LTE is absolutely not dual-stack. You get no IPv4 address. Yes, LTE is capable of IPv4, but wireless carriers know they need more address space for the proliferation of devices, instead of their sad NAT, and I expect the others are not stupid, and are doing the same.

Comment So no engineers? Scientists? Designers? (Score 3, Insightful) 186

If the whole project was dependant on the body they send in to space then they had bigger problems and they didn't have a space program at all. What they had was a person they put on a russian space ship and then FTA stuck in front of people to say what it was like.

If that is the case and the program was a program of 1 person then why would she have stayed? No development, nothing interesting, no reason to be there.

Comment Re:just ask carriers. (Score 1) 248

googling verizon, comcast, and time warner it seems like their original pledge in 2012 to start rolling out ipv6 has quietly halted.

Comcast needed IPv6 internally, so they have rolled it out, even if you can't get it. Others have replied saying they've got IPv6 from them, as well.

Verizon offers LTE service, which is ALL IPv6. They've got 6to4, of course, but you can natively access any IPv6 services via your LTE phone.

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